Fritz Speakers

Lots of good reviews and comments here about Fritz speakers. I spoke to Fritz a few times about 5-6 years ago when last looking for new speakers, but went in a different direction. I find myself in the market once more, re-considering Fritz, and focused on the Carreras right now but interested in his entire line.

In particular, I'm wondering if anyone can comment on their low-level listening qualities. That's how I spend a lot of my time with my system. Speakers like the Focals do really well at lower volumes, and I'm looking for a similar experience. Interested in any comments about the BE tweeters as well. Thanks.


I got a pair of Fritz Carrera BE's a few years ago after Fritz brought them by my place in San Francisco. They are wonderful indeed and Fritz is a great guy! But time for an upgrade still, and did an audition for upgrades the other day. I brought the Fritz's along for reference and I preferred them to a few speakers that cost almost 3x as much, but I then heard Marten Oscar Duos, and yeah, that's what I wanted, so I just put in an order. I'll have my Fritz's up for sale when those Martens show up. 

Question the Fritz speakers value because the Philharmonic are way low at $2k?

I do not know the parts cost for Dennis's products. 

Fritz Revelator from scanspeak is $320 and the S/B acoustics tweeter is $409. the tweeter. So you have $1,400 in just drivers.

The XO parts-who knows $200? The Boxes $500. $2,100. Most big names then use a factor of 4-5 $7,600 to $9,000k. Fritz MSRP is $3,700. Steal them used for

$2,200 or $200 over cost.

That is value.

I have the Fritz Carrera BE speakers since last Oct. Just added in May a Rythmic FT12SE sub. Only have room for one in my 12X16 highly treated room. More than enough easy integration.Crossed over around 45 Brian's Rythmic defaults are pretty close to what I'm set to running.

Rogue CMII amp, Yggdrasil+ LIM boards, PSA memory transport, Node2i.Yes I do vinyl too.

Super is all I gotta say!


Typical driver to product markup is 10x, even more if the speakers are built in house.

As I've said before, and even started a thread about this, it disturbs me greatly that Fritz, who sells his products for bargain prices, gets his speakers dissected here on Audiogon in ways absolutely no one would treat a Focal, B&W or Klipsch.

It is embarrassing to see people nit pick his speakers, which are stellar performers and huge values, apart based on part cost.

@erik_squires - I've got Fritz speakers too, but getting 'dissected' here on Audiogon? Almost every mention of Fritz or his speakers I've seen here or elsewhere has been very positive...