George Mark Audio - Overture DAC/Pre. Anyone?

Just read the favorable review in Stereo Times. Seems like a well thought out and well executed product, from two long-time industry mavens.

Upsampler, all tube, zero feedback, Class A, massive power supply, etc., all for a reasonable price.

Any one out there have a chance to hear this?

Mainly wondering how it might compare to my Audio Aero Captole 24/192.

Thanks to any & all.
I hope they will be at CES. If so, I will seek them out. Seems like an objective review and not overtly hyped.
George Bischoff is a dedicated genius and i have owned many of his prior designs and collaborations .What I can say with confidence that this is something to watch. I cant wait to get my hands on one personally!
"Just read the favorable review in Stereo Times."

Aren't all the reviews on ST favorable?
Kana813, you do have a point. However, Key Kim (the reviewer) bought the review sample. That is saying a lot.
"Kana813, you do have a point.However, Key Kim (the reviewer) bought the review sample. That is saying a lot."


Reviewers are offered special pricing and often purchase the review samples. Unfortunately, what Key didn't provide in his review was a comparison to his TacT 2.2X preamp/room correction unit.

I've met Mr.Bischoff and I'm sure the GMA unit is excellent, but the room correction ability of the TacT RCS
can produce major improvements for a lot less money. IMO,
the TacT feed by a hiend transport is a better way to go.