Girl from Ipanima passed away

Brazilian singer Astrud Gilberto, who in her 20s recorded “The Girl from Ipanema” and became an international star, has died, according to social media posts from her granddaughter and on behalf of her son. No cause of death was immediately available. She was reportedly 83


She was one of my favorites and May she rest in Peace!


I loved that record. I bought the 45 and played it endlessly. Saw it performed on TV. It got me to buy Charley Byrd's oh-so-atmospheric 1960's Bossa Nova LP "Brazilian Byrd."

Sad news. RIP.

Astrud Evangelina Weinert, known professionally as Astrud Gilberto

Getz Au Go Go is a must have live album featuring Astrud.

Oh that is sad news indeed.

She always seemed to be living forever young in the memory as if time could not touch her.

Her beautifully recorded 1968 Windy album remains one of my absolute personal favourites. It's a wonderfully uplifting listen, perfect for a summer's day.

A simple and sweet voice, one of the touchstones of the 60's that everyone of that time will remember.


Thanks for attaching that version of Windy. I never heard it before. It brought me back to childhood when adults didn't worry about smoking cigarettes, sunbathing without sunblock or drinking too many martinis.

The Getz/Gilberto record on Verve is one of the best sounding Jazz albums I own.  So warm and rich sounding.  She sang on two tracks.

I mentioned this one above and just listened to it now. Been listening to it since 1987.

As Getz said: "She was a housewife that got lucky." Meaning she didn't deserve her recognition.  I disagree. Unpretentious, honest vocals are truly a rarity Her daughter has the same quality. Truly amazing singers that make owning a real stereo worth it. Talk about humble, intimate, human connections. (Bebel Gilberto)