Give me a tube preamp that looks and sound great

Just looking for a tube preamp that is quiet, has great extension and realism, and is aroung 2000 USD. I've got an Audio Research SP 16L now and want to take things a step above. I use an Odyssey Dual mono amp and Dynaudio Contour 1.3 MKII speakers. I've begun to investigate the Supratek Chardonnay and Dehavillard preamps. My styles of listening run the gamet with focus on rock, jazz, and folk. Thanks to all for you opinions. I do like the look of outboard tubes too.
I think a used Atma-Sphere MP-3 would thrill you to no end. I haven't heard the Supratek or deHavilland to offer any comparison.

Since the Atma-Sphere unit has balanced outputs you would probably want to use balanced to single-ended transformers if your amps don't allow for balanced operation. You can also use the tape loop outputs for single-ended operation.

I use to own the SP16L. I now own the c-j !7LS Series 2. The SP16L is good hi-fi and the 17LS is music!

Good Luck!
I had a few different ARC's and moved up to a BAT 30 preamp three years ago. I'm very satisfied with the preamp, even bought a 3i for a second system.
Sonic Euphoria or Placette Passive
i once had the arc sp-16l and now i have a supratek chardonnay. though i had some other pre's between the two, i don't remember the arc exhibiting as much emotion as the supratek does. the supratek just brings out the life, body, and emotion of the music better in my opinion. there's a used one for sale here right now (not mine) so you might could go that route and save time (6-7 months) and money.
Take a look at the Canary products, especially the CA-801 and up. Great sound, and really well built. I haven't heard any Supratek products, so I can't compare, but on their own merits Canary are a class act. Used units would be within your price range.

I don't know if you're open to other approaches than tubes at this point, but a transformer passive can be a very attractive alternative. I have a Canary 801 as well as an Audion Premier (a 6922 line stage with SS power supply), but with my Canary 339 monoblocks the Bent Audio NOH passive is noticeably better than either of them. However, on some other amps the situation is reversed, so this isn't an absolute recommendation, just something to think about.
I would agree with the CJ 17LS I have the step up, the Premier 16LS and now when I go to hear speakers, I am in the upgrade mode, I have to take it with me. CJ's sound is music in a way that other preamps just do not do it for me.
I had and loved a Supratek Syrah and I now have a Herron VTSP1A that I love as well. For me the Supratek gave the music a more emotional, alive feel, but the Herron is much quieter giving more detail with a bit less emotion. Both great preamps.
"I use to own the SP16L. I now own the c-j !7LS Series 2. The SP16L is good hi-fi and the 17LS is music!"

Man, it better be at 3 times the price!
another bargain at that price range is Sonic Frontiers Line 3, throw in some NOS later and you have a world class pre.

The two preamps are (not surprisingly) similar; articulate, very slightly rolled off, and throw a wide and deep sound stage. Not terribly tube-finicky, they sound damned good even with the stock tubes BAT provides.

The 30 is more flexible, has a cool display, and really nice remote. In terms of sound qualities I find the 30 is a bit more liquid, little bit better bottom-end, all-in-all somewhat more emotionally involving than the 3i. I could happily live with the 3i, but for the extra money I'd go with a 30.

BAT components are very well designed, quality fit and finish, excellent after sales service, and most importantly very musical. I'm not affiliated with BAT in any way, bought my preamps and BAT VK500 amp used here on the 'Gon. Happy listening, Jeff (artist formerly known as jeffloistarca)
Check out the Hovland HP-100. When i packed mine up to ship, the ambient light coming through the window ALMOST made me think twice...the look of the '100 was sexy. I like the Calypso also.
I got a pair of Dynaudio 82s and use a Dehavilland Superverve Pre and absolutely love it, recently traded my Bryston 3B ST for a PS Audio HCA 2 and it appears to match well with the Dehavilland, much smoother with rock & roll.

Give it a try, I used to have a Rogue 66 pre and find the Dehav a major step up.