Glen Frey has passed ...

Just got an alert that Glenn Frey of the Eagles has passed at the age of 67 from complications of intestinal issues, rheumatoid arthritis, and pneumonia.  Another prominent musician of our youth (and later years) has passed on, such a shame ...

Terrible news!! What's going on here?
So many great artists passing away lately!

Sad to hear about Glen. Long lived people are celebrated as something to aspire to but in the end, they are the exception. Case in point: my sister's boss's husband just passed away at age 59. His son just got his CPA, his daughter works for Tesla and his wife is the head of finances for Warner Brothers. You can have it all but when the calling comes, we all must answer. It makes my decision to retire all the more pertinent. 

All the best,
Glen was a fantastic guy and a most capable musician but he was a founding member of the Eagles not THE Eagles!
As much as I agree here with all of you ( and perhaps in recent years the pain of several severe ailments) made him petty as to financial renumerations divided by the band as well as his dismissal of "former members" from sharing in the Kennedy Center Awards!
In my opinion he wasn't an icon... They ALL were as a band! Ultimately kharma can be unforgiving...

Terrible news. Crazy how we lost so many in their prime like Morrison, Hendrix, SRV, and Duane Allman, to name a few. Then for those who managed to stay alive, they live long, prosperous lives as musicians. I think their staying power amazing. I feel quite fortunate to have seen The Eagles perform.  RIP Glen.

It's Glenn, not Glen.  How sad.  The Eagles are one of my favorite groups and Glenn Frey was a great solo performer.

R.I.P. Glenn...
They say it comes in 3's, David Bowie, Natalie Cole and now Glen Frey. It is sad to see all had their own special talent. Glen was a great writer with a wider fully smooth voice. I always felt Glen and Don Henley were their own version of a Lennon-McCartney duo.
He will be missed but his legacy lives on.
I meant, "it is sad to see, as they all had their own special talent", not that it was sad that they had talent. Also my sympathies to the Frey family, they lost him too early
RIP Glenn and thanks for your wonderful songwriting!  You, along with Don and all the excellent musicians that contributed to the Eagles over the years, have provided such great memories.  @ nonoise, I couldn't have said it any better.....

There was a really good 3 hour long or so Eagles documentary broadcast on HBO sometime last year which did a fine job of illuminating the band's history.  It also did a fine job of giving us a peek at "the star making machinery behind the popular song."

Oblgny, the documentary is called "History of the Eagles" and was on Showtime, but is now available on multiple platforms.  Highly recommended if you have any interest in the Eagles.
Saw them in July and he really struggled with some of the stronger vocal passages. It was evident to long time listeners there was a problem.
I never was a big Eagles's Fan, however the band and particularly Glen Frey gave us a ton of beautiful music.  "Tequila Sunrise"  was one of many of my  favorites, because it described the beauty of the California desert, and the promise of another day of hope and wisdom.  Glen,  thank you for all you gave us.   We will miss you!!!