GMA Europas vs N805s in small bedroom 9.4'x15'x8'

Would the Europas work better than my B&W Nautilus 805s in my small room (9.4'W x 15'L x 8'H)? I'd need to place the speakers along the short wall and 3 feet at most from that (rear) wall. Basically I need to make the sound less bright/forward in the treble and add more weight to the mids (reduce lean sound). Do you think I can accomplish this in a bedroom this small with the Europas? Has anyone compared the Europas vs N805s?

Thanks in advance for any input.
If I am interpreting this correctly...the Europas would go on the short wall(just under 10ft)...if this is the case...the Europas might be too tight...they really omit a ton of sound...which is one their strengths...just for the record I own them...and have mine spaced 10ft apart...3 ft from back wall...and roughly five feet from side walls...there are many ways to skin a cat...but I might opt for a smaller speaker that is truly designed for small space...such as a spendour,castle,etc...good luck...also...just on performance...the Europa is easily on par with the 805...very different presentation though...good luck...
am using gma's in a 10x12 bedroom 8ft apart,1ft from wall with a 10" parts express sub.this is some of the best sound i have ever had.FWIW the sub was recommended by roy at gma.for 350.00 it is an excellent addition.these little spkrs.are the bomb.