GNSC has closed . . .

I just saw on another forum that GNSC has closed. If you go to their website, Steve lists three recommended dealers for servicing any of the products that they've upgraded.

Too bad. I have a modded Opus 21 from GNSC and its one of my all-time favorite pieces of gear. Plus they were always top-shelf to deal with. Hopefully, those guys will land on their feet.
This really is a shame. I'm sure Steve tried his best to stay afloat but unfortunately economic reality took its toll.
I dealt with Steve many times in person and on the phone and always received first class treatment.
For those not aware Steve Huntley is now the Sales & Marketing Director for Resolution Audio. I never had an opportunity to deal with him at GNSC, but I'm confident he will provide outstanding support to dealers and customers in his new role. His reputation in the industry certainly was a key factor in my decision to represent Resolution Audio products.
Another Steve Huntley fan here. I owned a modded 850 for a while. He got it running again for a fair price when some gears wore out. Wadia hadn't had the foresight to stockpile enough parts, but he did.
I am sorry to hear that. I had repeated trouble with my GNSC modded Opus 21 CD player and Steve was unfailingly helpful and patient with me.
So sad. I loved my Wadia 861se GNSC Statement and Steve was always a pleasure to deal with, but given Wadia's financial troubles, I was hesitant to acquire another expensive Wadia disc player as Steve was the only reliable person relating to Wadia. Now I guess that any reason to own Wadia is gone. I wish him all the best at Resolution Audio.
Sad to read this (yes, I did go over to the GNSC website. I also read Steve's blog where it said that he was employed by Resolution Audio since Nov 2011).
So, does anyone know who will modify Wadia equipment from now on?
The techs he's mentioned will do repair jobs but do they also do modifications?
If someone would like some mods to their Wadia, I could ask Peter Israelson if he'd be interested in doing it, or I can send them Peter's email address and they can contact him personally.

He performed my extreme mod on my S7i, my power amp and speakers. I don't know exactly what he's working on or designing right now, he's a amplifier, speaker and cable designer. But after seeing and hearing what he did for me with my components, if he's got the time, I'd recommend him without any hesitation to anyone.

He modded my Altis dac w/Black Gates and installed the "Speed of Light" mod also.
I know "speed of light" was something from Virtual dynamics, what does it mean and how is it made?