Golden reference oval 9

Hi, Last month I sent off my 20ft oval 9's to have Analysis plus make/re-terminate them into a bi-wire set, 2 separate runs, same connection on the amp side. Bananas all around. The problem is, I just got new speakers and an amp which both need spades. I have thought about sending them back again, but it wasn't cheap. I thought maybe it would be a good time to try some new cables. There are a couple pairs of 10ft bi-wire Cardas golden reference for sale right now. They are a bit pricey, but if they would be a improvement I could sell some blood. Has anyone had experience with both of these cables. Which did you prefer?

I used the Cardas Golden Reference ic`s, pc`s and speaker cables for years. They are musical, full body sounding cables. The more you use them the better they get. I highly recommend them. The build quality is excellent. Also, if there is any problem Cardas will work with you. They are a wonderful company. When purchasing look for those with the Cardas documents and the box if available to be sure of the real thing.

I forgot to add that I too have McIntosh equipment and used the Cardas Golden Reference with great results.

I have had both. My experiences were that the cardas was a bit slower, not in a bad way, and provided a mellow presentation that made you want to listen to your rig. Cardas Golden Ref has an evenhanded presentation. They projected a nice soundstage with plenty of depth. Not the most resolving cables, but you will hear all that is there, but it will not put it in your lap. The Analysis Plus Golden oval had a rightness to the timbre. Their soundstage was a bit wider than that of the CGR. They also projected a bit better depth perception. Their flaw was I felt they were a bit closed in on the top end. Also The Golden ovals were very good at resolving detail. Their bass attack was not up to the Cardas GR. But again the Golden Oval's midrange had a bit more bloom and Air. Both very fine cables. They tend to add a little more harmonic coloring to the signal but in a very pleasing manner.

Hope this helps,

Chuck, I have the oval 9. I didn't know there was a golden oval, sorry for the misleading title. I was trying to incorporate oval 9 and Cardas golden reference.