Goldmund 18D

I am currently using a CEC TL5100z as a transport into an Audiomeca Enkiantus DAC. I've been kicking around the idea of switching over to a universal player such as the Exemplar/Denon 2900.

I've always been told that the area that Goldmund really excels is in digital playback. Has anyone heard the Goldmund 18D and care to make any comparisons to my current setup and/or the Exemplar modded Denon? My primary concern in Redbook playback.

Ken Golden
If you are not planning on using DVI save yourself a lot of money and just get the 18.Very good universal player,great transport.

After I posted I discovered the difference between an 18D and the 18 and I agree. Question is how does the Redbook playback of the 18 compare to my current setup or some of the modded universal units.

(I recognize that you are a Goldmund dealer but I'd still like to hear your opinion).

Ken Golden
Yo Sat -

I'd be interested in hearing an answer to this as well. How does the 18d compare to other top universal players for both sound and video?