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modified Oppo 105D v. Mcintosh MCD 500
Trying again - anybody? 
modified Oppo 105D v. Mcintosh MCD 500
Bumping this. Anybody compare these two machines? 
Sjofn the Clue v. Fritz Carbon 7 or other Fritz
Thanks for the suggestions. On price, would like to be under $1000, but can do more if they will work in this space. J - no curtains possible since this is commercial space and local fire codes prevent it. I'll re-check for other threads. 
Sjofn the Clue v. Fritz Carbon 7 or other Fritz
bumping this - any new thoughts? 
Totem Element Metal vs B&W 803d?
I have listened to all three speakers with different amps. I am a former owner of the 803d's. Used them with parasound JC-1s and enjoyed them very much. I never found the tweater to be an issue in my room, but I do enjoy the B&W sound, especia... 
Thoughts from THE Show, is $29k the new $10k?
Totem room was impressive. 
Peachtree Decco 65 DAC observations
I have an Arcam with the Ring DAC and an Idecco. Arcam is significantly better sounding - to me. Seems consistent with your findings. 
Amps for Sonus Faber Stradivari Homage
Like others have mentioned above, I Can't say enough about the Macintosh 2301's with these speakers. 
Under $10k budget Preamp suggestion, please.
blue Circle BC3000 MKII with GZPZ upgraded power supply. I believe retail is $11K+, but there is a nice one available here on the 'gon. 
Preamp to match Parasound JC1 monos
Ran the Blue Circle BC3000MKII with upgraded GZpz power supply - it was a fantastic match. 
Very best 5 ch amp to feed a complete PSB system
You might try an old cal audio MCA 2500. They are slightly older, but can be had for a song here on Agon. They are big and heavy, and run hot, but you get some serious bang for the buck out of this beast. 
I am upgrading ? Need help with setup
What about a tube pre with an HT pass-through? 
very detailed bookshelf monitor around $700 used
Green Mountain Audio Europa - not much to look at, but great bang for the buck. 
Which Totem Speakers
I would concur with the Forests (disclaimer - I've got a pair for sale currently). They are wonderful speakers, seem to do everything well. I have also heard Totem's other floor standers, all impressive. 
Heard any good hybrid amps lately?
blue circle 206