Got the table now I need a good arm and cart combo

So I finally got my first turntable, a Townsend Rock. Now I need to find a tonearm and cartridge. It would be nice to fine a new arm/cart combo.

Please share,
Budget, well I got about fifty cents in my pocket...
I am looking forward to jazz/blues and vocals.

I listen to lots of other stuff, but most of that will be digital, at least for now.
Brownsanandy...choice of cartridge is not only a function of the matching tonearm but also of the phono stage you plan on using. Also, if you really want helpful suggestions, it would be advisable to give a range on budget otherwise you will get suggestions all over the map from sub $1000 for the combo to $10K+ for the tonearm/cart so budget would be helpful.
For this time round I need to stay in the $500 range and will be looking for a phono stage or new preamp soon.

For $500 you can find decent sound that can be readily sold when your budget increases enough for an upgrade. There are quite a few of those choices, but here are a couple that are known performers.

Audio-Technica 1005II tonearm with a Denon 103 cartridge. This is a perfect match for effective mass, but requires a moving coil step-up of some sort. Cinemag transformers will work for that, and keep you under budget, if you shop carefully.

Another one would be a Magnepan Unitrac tonearm with a Shure M97XE cartridge. You'll have money left over with this combo, but you will still have music.

Last of all, a Schroeder Reference SQ tonearm with a Lyra Olympos cartridge driven through Intact Audio, wait... ;)
If you want to buy new a Jelco arm with an Ortofon Red would be within your budget when you include the arm cable. It is my understanding that you can upgrade the cartridge in the future by using the stylus assembly from the more expensive models in the series. However, the Red is good as it is, I have one.
Thanks gentlemen. This is very helpful, I will begin to hunt. Keep the ideas rolling, especially if you see something for sale that I should be paying attention to.
I don't know anything about the Townsend, does this one have a trough for vibration control? Can it be used with any headshell? Is there an arm length that fits this table? What about an armboard, do you have one or will you be making your own so you can drill it for the correct mounting distance? Keep in mind also, TT setup is a whole nother science altogether.
I ask these questions because I started with a Technics table and Dynavector 10x5 cartridge. This is the type of table setup that is ready to go and not be overwhelming to someone starting out. I have since put together a VPI Aries 3 table and SME arm which was not a big deal since VPI sells ammboards for the Aries 3. Another thing to consider is the tonearm cable and phono preamp. I have a Sim Audio LP 5.3 phono pre that can be adjusted for just about any cartridge. I also found out soon that a record cleaner is a must.
I live in the Cleveland area, good luck trying to find and audition a turntable at a dealer.
I bring these points up because vinyl is not easy or convenient. I sold my digital front end for my first two years of getting back into vinyl, now if I had to choose between the two, the vinyl would stay, although I like both. Starting with a (almost) ready to run rig gave me a chance to learn while I listened.
Good luck, sorry I can't help with an arm choice,
The Townsend does have a trough. I have a Rega armboard, the table came with a rega rb 300.

It also has a haddock arm board as well as a third. I am aware of the limits of NEO audio, but am learning that there is a great fraternity of people that have great stuff to audition and are a wealth of knowledge and experience. Check ChadNliz on agon for instance.

as far as set up goes, I plan to have a few guys over for lunch and to let them listen to what I have, make suggestions, and enjoy the music. More than a few are interested to hear the table, and there are a few others that have been wanting to listen to the Chapman speakers and the odyssey amps.

As for today, I am headed out to enjoy the glorious weather that seens to be hard to come by these days in NEO.
The rega RB300 is a match for the townshend. In fact, their excalibur tonearm is based on an RB300 with different bearings and other stuff depending on the version. The Rock III will take a high energy cartidge, especially when using the trough. Do you still have the cartridge paddle attachment. I am using a Monster Alpha 2 on my Rock III with great results. Try the ZYX Airy series made by the same inventor. Does your seismic sink still hold air?
Holds air, has trough, but not sure about the cartidge attachment? Where can you get one of those?
you should be able to get one from townshend itself. They still use the same setup on the newer tables, just a double version.
I do have the head shell for the trough. Was thinking it was something different. Why are you moving the hadcock arm?
Years ago I ran a Rock for a while. I removed the trough and ran an Eminent Technology air bearing arm with a Shure V15 Type 5 - actually sounded pretty good. ET's can be had quite cheap if you look.
too many arms, tables and cartridges. It have an etII arm too that is for sale, also a Grace 704