Grace F9 question

There were a bunch of Grace F9 models. Does anyone know the exact differences? Are the bodies all the same?

If someone were to get an F9E or F9L and a Soundsmith ruby stylus, would it be the same as an F9 Ruby?

I own the F9 E. I noticed that the stylus or rather the cantilever is fastened or centered with the so called 'tension wire'. There is no way any re-tipper can do anything about the suspension involved. A new cantilever can only be put in the (cut) old cantilever and glued together. This of course also apply for ruby, boron or whatever other cantilever/stylus combo. Much cheaper and much more wise is to get any replacement stylus.
Hi Mofimadness,
Thanks for your reply. The database seems to be contradictory and I'm hoping someone has specific knowledge, like original owners manuals - specs.

According to the database most of the F9 series has 3.5mV out, 1700 ohms impedance. The F9-L is listed as 5.5mV/1700 ohms. Having the same impedance suggests the same coils. It seems unlikely that the magnets would be that much stronger as to boost the output from 3.5 to 5.5mV. The F9 Gold is also listed at 5.5mV. The database doesn't have inductance.

I remember the F9 Ruby from the '80s and everyone thought the F9 series, specifically the F9-E was the same cart w/different stylus.

The original F9 Ruby had an elliptical stylus. The Sound Smith Ruby will have a line contact. I would think the SS would be a step up in performance. I have the SS Ruby cantilever/stylus installed on a ADC TRX II and have to admit, definitely was step up!
I haven't heard an original F9 Ruby, but can vouch for an F9 body in combination with SS's OCL ruby stylus aluminum holder assembly. This is a fantastic solution for <$600.
Fleib...I do have an owner's manual for the F9 series. I can email it to you, if you give me your address.
I heard the original Ruby back in the '80s. Unfortunately, I didn't get one. I was into MCs.
I'm trying to determine if the ones listed as having 5.5mV output have the same generator.

I have no doubt that an F9 w/Soundsmith rebuild or stylus assembly is excellent, but what's the difference with the L and Gold?
A pdf of the two-page manual for the F9 series can be downloaded from the link on this page, if you register or are registered at vinylengine.

I have an original of that manual, from ca. 1980. However upon careful reading it does not explicitly state whether or not the body of the F-9L is the same as or different than the body of the F-9E or other F-9 cartridges. Also, it makes no reference to a "Gold" version.

FYI, over the years (or more precisely, decades) I've owned the original F-9E, then had its stylus upgraded to Grace's Ruby version, then had its stylus upgraded to Mr. Ledermann's standard $250 line contact ruby-cantilevered offering (not to the replacement styli he subsequently introduced that are specifically intended for the F9). Each change was a substantial upgrade. The most dramatic change with Mr. Ledermann's stylus, on the classical recordings which comprise most of my listening, was better harmonic balance in the treble region, particularly evident on piano.

-- Al
Thanks for all the replies. The two models listed with higher output is still a bit of a mystery.

Mofimadness, PM sent. Thank you.

It appears as if the bodies all have the same generator.

The L and Gold with 5.5mV must have stronger magnets. Those two could be the exceptions. Are the magnets attached to the stylus assembly?

For those in need, Soundsmith makes a complete replacement including the carrier.