Grado Earbuds

I am thinking about getting a pair for casual commuting listening. I am looking for something in the $50-100 range. The Grados look good and was curious what others think. Thanks.

If you order them from Headroom you get a 30 day trial. Get any of them to compare and return what you don't want to keep is the best way to be sure.
I use the iGrado's for hours everyday at work and love them. Don't know about the buds though.
I stoped using headphones 'coz doctors are warning us not to use them, since they are harmful to our hearing.

If you must have them, than I would recommend sennhieser ones.
Look at Etymotic 6i or whatever the current iteration is. Can get them throughj Amazon cheaper than on mfr site.. They are superb.

I bought a pair for my wife for use with her iphone. They sound excellent to me especially for the price.
You should do some research on the forum by the headphone listening geeks that really tear this subject apart and even hold national listening events that I have attended in the past years. Sorry for the late response.
AKG IP 2 earbuds are nice.,id,977,nodeid,31,_language,EN,pid,977.html
I tried the Grado earbuds; way too hot on top for my tastes....YMMV...

I ended-up with the Klipsch X5; they are excellent!
Just got the Klipsch S4i's and they work great with my iPhone on the go. See ya Shure, I'm done with you and your repair issues/cost.