Graphene for audio

A few weeks ago I did an interesting experiment.
I bought a pack of 5pcs of 8"x8" Conductive Graphene Sheets, and I place them above my integrated amp, above my speakers, above my DAC, above my PC and above my power distributor.
I left the Graphene Sheets for over a week, and I was listening to music every day.
I definitely heard something changed over time, but in the end, I’ve got a powerful sound in mid and low frequency, with a significant reduction in the high frequency.
Once I started removing the Graphene Sheets, I immediately noticed that my setup will "breathed" again.
I’m comfortable to say that Graphene "alone" sounds dark and does not improve clarity.
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Wrapping aluminum foil around the last few inches of your AC cords and connectors does the opposite....makes things forward and harsh.
aluminum foil?
It's a graphene foil.
I have tried to do that experiment wrap the sheet around power cords but I absolutely didn't like it what I heard in terms of sound improvement.
gill_92, what are you trying to do? Just messing around? You say it's a foil. One of the qualities of graphene is how thin it is, right. So is the foil sprayed with graphene?

Graphene capacitors? Graphene is 100 times as strong a steel. 
Graphene, coal, and diamonds are all carbon base.

I wonder why it changes the sound over time? It's non-ferrous (not magnetic) right?

I also wonder what it would sound like in a cable build? LOL Have to hunt some up..


One takeaway is that the Graphene DID make a difference, though for the worse. It flies in the face of those who call it voodoo. Another thought, I wonder what might happen if you had left it there longer?
Depends on what the graphene is for. It’s used in my speakers as an anti corrosive on the magnesium drivers. Tossing sheets with a graphene coating on top of amps,dacs and such doesn’t make much sense I don’t see how it would do anything to the sound unless it blocked airflow.
artemus_5 I left the Graphene sheets a month on top of my components, but the sound became too dark.
It was very evident in every piece of music that I listened to with knowledge.
The same story above my speakers.
Fortunately, I managed to sell them all, so now the chapter is closed.
For those who asked me what I wanted to achieve, nothing, in particular, was simple curiosity, totally failed.

@gill_92                                                                Thanks for the follow up.. Curiosity is a great learning tool. You have satisfied mine.... for this

Since Graphene is defined as being only one molecule thick, i.e., two dimensional, and is invisible, it’s obvious by inspection 👀 the “Graphene sheet” is not really Graphene. Who knows what it is? 😳 Graphene gets a bad rap. It’s being produced by the ton all over the world but nobody knows quite what to do with it. 
Pardon my ignorance, what is an 8"x8" Conductive Graphene Sheet? Last I checked, humanity hadn’t figured out an economical way to make large graphene sheets. I always assumed the graphene products on the market to be gimmicks: not true graphene (I.e. one continuous, single-atom-thick layer of carbon that is technically one molecule). Has that changed?