Great buys on new blues vinyl

I recently was introduced to Blue Storm Music and have been very happy with their prices of vinyl. I believe that there are only about 184 pieces listed but if you are into blues and 60's rock that was very influential in shaping the music scene then you should check it out. The reissues use very high quality vinyl and the shippiing is prompt and well packaged. I even received a free John Lee Hooker sampler CD with the last order. If you are having trouble finding good, clean, used copies of albums you will find these new pressings to be even less costly than most of the used stuff I've seen offered for sale.

Thanks for the very cool link! By the way, the Supratek is back from the shop and sounding sweet. Now all I need is a new analog rig and I'm set. Hey sorry, didn't mean to hijack your thread, feel free to reply with an email. Cheers!
Hey Jon,

You can post anything you like. Get that new turntable and your world will be rocked!!! I just received the MFSL Alsion Kraus "So Long So Wrong" on vinyl. I hope they do all of her stuff with Union Station and Nickel Creek. Glad to hear the Supratek is back from tune up. Maybe I'll have one some day.
Thanks Lugnut, I just picked up a cheap TT and saw a couple of albums I need. Great price on that site and I'll save the link for future buys at those prices.

Good find-- there are a couple of albums there that I'm interested in, and the prices are just right.

Nice link. I just spent about $200 there, damnit! And they are over 200 in vinyl now.

Thanks, Lugnut! What a great website -- fantastic prices on new, sealed vinyl; best I've found ... err, you've found!

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