Great Cables ... That Get Little Attention

I have had the HiDiamond XLR 2 interconnects in my system for 2 days. They are simply stunning. I have never heard any other interconnects that do what the HiDiamonds do to bring the emotion and aliveness into my system -- or any other system I have ever auditioned over the years. Words cannot do justice to these interconnects -- right out of the box without break-in.

HiDiamond is a company that gets little attention. They are an Italian company so this is understandable. Have you had a similar experience with unsung cables from an obscure company?

Please note I am not in the audio business and have no association with any audio company -- other than being a customer.
Is 2 days long enough to draw final conclusions on the performance of any new cables in a system? The sound will continue changing.

I will say that it's a very good sign that your system started out sounding good with the IC's in place. That's much better than if your system started out sounding bad.
Congratulations! you`ve found a cable that will likely keep you happy for a long time.

My experience with a little known product is a company called Ocellia(French Canadian). Their Silver Reference IC and SC is profoundly good, just fantastic natural sound and emotional realism.
Foster_9, I agree. Better that it sounds great right out of the box than not. Of course, 2 days is not enough to draw final conclusions. But if the sound gets even better over 100+ hours then what is already stunning will be stunning+.

Charles1dad, I have not heard of this company. I will look them up. Thanks for the information.
I have had the same connection with the Grover Huffman cables. Just excellent!
Thanks Charles! I tried this product out myself and found it very interesting but gave it back to the person who owned it and simply couldn't remember the brand name. when all you remember is O-something it is simply not a good way to find it again on the net.
Do you know if there is anyone selling it in Ontario?

Sabai, I have been moved emotionally by a couple of cables but surprisingly not always by the more expensive ones out there. I have tried roughly a dozen of brands and have come to the conclusion that everyone hears different things. My personal favourite was the Acoustic Zen products which were very reasonably priced. Nordost makes great products too but the pricing sort of gets out of hand. Little known products such as Ocellia are fantastic, you should give them a listen!
Thanks once again Charles!
Musicallyinclined, I agree about the cost of cables having nothing to do with the results. The HiDiamonds are ridiculously reasonable, IMO. Thanks, I will check out the Ocellia cables.
Hello, Musicallyinclined,
I don`t know what his dealer network is. The company is based in Montreal, I`d check out his web site.
So guys, what't the cost on the cables you mention? I'm always curious about cables that are reasonably priced.
Is there a store in Toronto that sells the HiDiamond Sabai? I just got on this forum and noticed a few people mentioning this brand but I cannot find a store that actually carries the product. I believe that you bought yours from the manufacturer or from the distributor, I prefer dealing with stores that have a couple of options on hand. Any suggestions?
Sorry, I have no idea. I don't live in Toronto. But the North American distributor is in Canada. They are Worldwide Wholesales at
regarding break-in, i have found that some cables sound great with a few hours on them, but then degrade after about 300 hours. be careful.
Hi again Sabai,
I often find myself in the U.S., any stores you might suggest I visit to hear these cables?
Whom did you deal with that you can recommend?
>>04-18-12: Mrtennis
regarding break-in, i have found that some cables sound great with a few hours on them, but then degrade after about 300 hours. be careful.<<

Terrific. Another audiophile neurosis, cable breakdown.
Yeah, you'd better really watch out, because that "Cable Break Down" thing is REALLY BAD!

This is an undocumented, unidentified, unsubstantiated REALITY that happens just after the 300 hour BURN IN time period. What's really tough is trying to gauge whether your cable is a quick burner and deteriorator, or a slow burner and deteriorator. Or, if it will deteriorate at all!

It takes expertise to know such things. I have it on good authority that you want to wrap your cables in plastic food wrap to slow the breakdown process. ;)
HiDiamond Cables
Back in March I purchased a pair of HiDiamond Diamond 9 IC. The first hour they sounded pretty good, then they nosedived for the next 100 hours. At that point they began to come alive, fast forward 250 hours and they began to sing. Now at 500 hours they are very articulate, detailed, harmonically rich, with a wide and deep soundstage , they go low and are very very dynamic . The music floats through the air or pressurizes the room or sends shiver down my spine...just the way it was meant to, Recording by Recording.

Several weeks ago I purchased a 2 meter pair of the HiDiamond Diamond 8 (banana to banana jacks) Speaker Cable. They now have about 300 hours. Same thing. First 100 hours was nothing special, at 250 hours they went BOOM! and now i really appreciate the investment.

I also use the HiDiamond Carbon Digital Cable in 1.5 meter length. It is the finest digital cable i have tried in my system. That list includes 3 cables that retailed for over $3000.

To tell you i have been experimenting with cables for 15 years and my last set was a complete Kondo KSL Silver loom (3 pairs of ICs, ShotGUN Speaker Cable, and 4 Power cords, and part of my system for 3 years) might just begin to tell you a very long story of experimentation and experience.

I cant tell you these are the best, but I can tell you that what I am hearing i enjoy far more than various brands that are enjoying a lot of press in the last 2 years (and yes i had all those to hear, on loan from manufacturers and dealers)

Meridian G98
SB Touch (Hardwired)
Audial Model S DAC
YBA 1 PRE with large power supply
YBA Signature Stereo AMP
Reference 3A L'Integrale (upgraded with Duelund and Bybee)
Hey Ie,
Any chance you could direct me to a store where I can check these out for myself?
I dealt directly with Worldwide Wholesales in Canada. I'm sorry but I don't know about stores in the US.

Ie, I just added a pair of HiDiamond Diamond 8 speaker cables to my system. I find them stunning right out of the box -- same as with the interconnects. I am glad to hear you're enjoying your HiDiamonds as much as I am.
Ie....if you had 4 Kondo AC cords it is my opinion that was a big mistake, I sell Kondo gear and their power cords don't do ANY equipment any justice! Over the years customers have called to buy a Kondo AC cord and basically I tell them to look elsewhere, it has no dynamics, and is light in the bass and loses micro detail. I beleive same with their speaker cable but I could live with that although the retail is stupidly expensive (and the actual cost is stupidly low).
Some day I'll have to give the HiDiamond cables a try.

(dealer disclaimer)
Thanks Inpieces & Arthursmuck . I will do my research on-line to see where the stores are located.
Sorry Sabai, I was under the impression that you were located in the U.S. (that's what your profile said). Other than the distributor, are there any stores that carry these cables? I feel more comfortable dealing with retailers (especially if I either know them or of them).
Sorry Inpieces, but I cannot find Frost-audio's web-site. Any chance you could point me in the right direction. I will be in L.A. In a couple of weeks if anyone knows of a store I could visit there.

YES bass was slight, dynamics could be bettered by a number of cables, , however, i found excellent system balance with all of the KONDO cables in one system .(and my system up until 2 years ago was mostly tubes)

.i think the best product in that KONDO line though is the speaker cable and only in a double run...stunning actually... Sabai writes, try Worldwide Wholesales

@Sabai....HiDiamond Diamond 8 are expectations are rather high and they are meeting them in many areas as they break in...and getting better as i switch out power cords. I am expecting a HiDiamond Power 3 cord soon. If it does what the other HiDiamond line does than i will probably order several more to complete the system.

There is a high end dealer in the Netherlands who carries a number of very high end and well known brands from around the world. Apparently he demonstrates his best equipment only with HiDiamond. This is research i did before i purchased any HiDiamond Cables by sending various emails to people who were listed at various sites as owning some or all HiDiamond cables.
I don't understand. I am sorry but aren't there ANY STORES that sell the products? That is probably WHY many of the brands mentioned here aren't getting much attention!
Why aren't the people importing these brands not putting them out there?
My real concern is in case of issues, if a store stops carrying brand XYZ, there are either other stores that will support the brand, you can THEN also contact the importer OR you can usually arrange something with the store owner/ manager in order to get something else or a credit. If the importer stops carrying a brand, who could you turn to then, especially if they are the only people you have been dealing with? That is what scares me about dealing with an importer rather than a store. We are talking about cables so it may not apply but some of you are mentioning sound decaying over time and it makes me worried.
Not sure if I am explaining my question properly.
As you note "We are talking about cables so it may not apply". You might want to contact Worldwide Wholesales directly and ask them about this.
Interesting perspective on the Kondo cables.At one time I gave 'serious' consideration to buying them but ultimately thought they`re too expensive. I wanted a very natural, honest and holistic cable. I`m glad I got the Ocellia Silver Reference instead.Don`t know if they`re better than Kondo but I`m very pleased with them.
I would be very interested in reading your impressions of the HiDiamond Power 3 cord once you have a chance to listen to it in your system.
Charlesdad ~ 4 customers that had Kondo KSL-LP interconnects now sold them for the Ocellia and all 4 have agreed (myself makes 5) that the Ocellia are more neutral and cleaner and just sound right than the 4 times expensive Kondo cables. Price does not mean it will sound better!

(Dealer disclaimer)
I've exchanged a couple of emails with Robert of Worldwide and he seems like a very nice guy to deal with and has been responsive. I won't hesitate to order from him. I've got my sights on the hidiamond digital xlr which I will order soon to compare to my Marigo. Eventually as funds allow I will probably try the xlr 2 interconnects to put up against my Sky. If either is better, it will be good indeed.

Sabai, it would help if you would post your system so we have some context for your glowing remarks about the hidiamond.
I've had several families of cables in my system including Fulton, Monster, Audioquest, Synergistic Research, Kimber, PS Audio, and Signal Cable to name a few. Of all these mentioned and not, my favorite are the Signal Cable. I do favor using the same cables through out the system whenever possible.

With Signal Cable one does not get a lot of fancy boxes or audio jewelry but one does get cables that are true sounding, honestly built and priced, and cables that to me sound more like real music. They are capable of throwing a 3d soundstage, realistic dynamics, bass that is tuneful yet a force to be reckoned with, and can reveal the timbre and colors of both instrument and voice. All at prices that just seem stupid compared to today's state of the art.

Frank, the owner of Signal Cable is happy to discuss your system and your goals for it. And surprise, surprise, even if you have the money and inclination to buy all of his top of the line Silver Resolution cables he will probably not recommend this choice unless he thinks that is best for your system. In my system he recommended and I use a combination of his copper Ultra speaker cables, Silver Resolutiion interconnects, Magic and Digital Magic power cords, and his HDMI cable between my PWT and PWD.
Signal Cable joins an excellent cadre of companies that give superb results for the money with sound that is to die for that includes: Legacy Audio, PS Audio, and Herbie's Audio Lab. All these products are at least designed and manufactured here in the USA though some parts might be born in other countries.
Call Frank at Signal Cable and give his stuff a try, there may be cables that do some things better but few that get as much of the music right.
Thanks for your feedback, I`m glad I followed my gut feeling and selected the Ocellia.It`s very enlightning to know that 4 former Kondo cable owners(and yourself) could except the fact that a much less costly product could out perform their Kondo silver cables. You all obviously trust your ears.
Hey Sgr, got a phone number or web-site to go along with that glowing post for Signal Cable. I wonder if he has anyone selling it in Canada?
Would still rather deal with a store if I can.
Who sells it in the U.S.?
Many obscure but interesting choices out there. It may come down to what I am more comfortable using in my system. Synergy is important, I think.
Retail sales for HiDiamond cables are currently in process. In California, Tailored Technology carries the full HiDiamond cable line up; Tailored technology has over 47 years of experience in the audio industry and will be exhibiting HiDiamond cables at the Newport Audio Show June1-3 in room #403 at the Hilton

At Worldwide Wholesales we take great pride in finding quality retail outlets for our brands and if anyone on this forum has a suggestion for a great store in your state or province please email us at
My interaction with Worldwide Wholesales has been perfect from top to bottom.

I alternate between 2 systems. I have tested the HiDiamond cables in both systems.

1. Marantz PM 15 integrated amplifier (the 1993 model), Berkeley Alpha DAC, PS Audio transport, Merlin TSM mmi monitors.

2. Marantz PM 15 integrated amplifier (the 1993 model), AMR DP-777 DAC, PS Audio transport, Joseph Audio Pulsar monitors.
To Worldwide: is anyone currently selling your cables in Ontario? I hate to say it, but it almost feels as though you are asking us to do the research for you! There are tons of very good stores in this province! I would suggest you get a couple of them on-board and start promoting the cables so that more people can know of them. The other thing is, will you continue to be selling them yourself? That may be a big problem for most retailers in Canada since they typically don't like competing with the distributors or manufacturers. Can't say I blame them!
I'm one of those converters from the Kondo KS-LP ic to Ocellia (actaully made some $$ selling my KSL-LP for Ocelia) while obtaining better sound. Listen for yourself, hearing is believing.
I second Sgr's suggestion of the excellent cables from Signal Cables. I have Signal cables all throughout the system. I have Silver Resolution ICs and Speaker cables. Also have Frank's HDMIs, though I am not a TV guy, it is for my family.The only negative I can say about Signal cables are their prices - people probably discount them because they are affordable compared to cables costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Also like Sgr, I found Herebie Audio Lab's products a great value. I have the extra thick Hush Puckies in my system. Sgr has expensive components in both his systems and yet recommends very affordable accessories. I sense genuine recommendation here, for both the cables and other accessories.

Here is the link to Signal Cable:
Musically inclined,
The phone number is (917) 957-8508.
The web site is

Ask for Frank. It might take him a couple of hours for him to get back to you as he is a one man show.

I'm sure you'll be impressed with Frank, the cable's construction, and the sound of the cables.
He has the usual 30 day audition.
Remember get the Ultra copper speaker cables and the Silver Resolution interconnects.
Have fun and good listening.
To Musicallyinclined,
We currently have Oasis Audio on Queen Street selling HiDiamond cables in the Toronto/GTA area and we believe that by attending the audio shows we are promoting HiDiamond Cables. Establishing stores in Ontario will not take very long and once a store is established we never sell directly to the client that lives in that stores area. We currently have a banner ad running on Audiogon that has over 40000 hits but truthfully I have never been able to locate the banner. There are also 2 North American reviews that will be published in the next 4 months and as HiDiamond attends the North American audio shows it will gain more name recognition; this will help also establish more retail outlets in North America. I should have made myself clearer; we are trying to establish quality retail outlets in the US. It is extremely important to us that this fine European cable is being sold in stores that take care of their customers. Our thoughts with this post was to see if certain stores in the US received more than one positive recommendation from people like you; then we would contact that store. We are looking for stores that take care of their clients like Tailored Technology in California.
Have to concur that the Signal Cables are a tremendous value. Both the IC's and the SC's are both very nicely voiced, very musical and very well made. Highly recommended. And yes, the owner, Frank, is a most wonderful guy.

Another cable which I have a great deal of respect for is the Clarity Cable line of cables. Chris Owen,the chief cook and bottle washer,is just a hoot,has an absolutely great ear and is real passionate about music.His cables are flat out killer.

Thanks Taras,
I will look into the Signal Cables as Many of you seem to agree on that particular brand!
Might pass by Oasis Audio to take a peek at the HiDiamond to. Many interesting choices on this forum have me itching to try something new (and improved!)
All take a look at 6mooms site, an interesting review of the current Ocellia cables just came out and it's just as many of us have found out, just an exceptional sounding cable at a reasonably price.
Hi Rfs,
I had tried some of these cables and thought they were absolutely incredible. With all the talk of other brands here, I was forgetting about these! Do you know if there are any stores in Toronto selling them?
I think that it has come down to these or the Signal Cables for me.
I am currently using a mix of various brands (Acoustic Zen power cables, Cardas interconnects and some MIT speaker cables) but I am thinking of upgrading all of these provided I actually hear the difference.
From what I remember, the Ocellia cables fit the bill!
A few days ago, i posted what i though of the HiDiamond cables. The speaker cables keep breaking in and have been getting pure signal for the last 100 hours since i posted...400 hours bet they sound fantastic. No problems with dynamics, softest sounds are there, as are the the same time too. Tonality is all there, width and depth preserved on each recording. Highly recommended.

When i receive the HiDiamond Power3 i will post separately my impressions.
LFD would have to fall into that category for sure-despite all of the buzz over their integrated amps it's almost impossible to find their cables in North America, let alone talk to someone who has heard them.

My understanding is that not only is the designer extremely well versed in phono stage design but he is also very good at cable design as well.

A dealer once told me that various cable companies have used designs by Dr. Bews but I can't confirm or deny that.

Apparently they work well with many brands as well, it's not just something that works with LFD electronics.

As they do no advertising or promotion and the cables basically come in a plastic bag with a printed piece of paper on them it seems that they are looked over by many buyers.
I am having the same success with HiDiamond cables in my systems as you are having. HiDiamonds are on a whole different level as far as I am concerned. I have had some pretty expensive cables in my systems from some well-known manufacturers. They sounded good -- but in comparison with HiDiamond the others don't even come close. When HiDiamond came along is was end of story.
Yes i have, i sold Wireworld Gold Eclipse 6 and bought Frost Audios Black Frost. The difference in price is beyond what i can get through my head. I really love the Frost Audio cables. What a bargain!
MAC (My Audio Cables) makes a ultrasilver+ interconnect that is made out of 5N Silver and is soft annealed.
They sound great , I have sold all of my other $$$ interconnect cables.
MAC has auctions on Audiogon all of the time.
Try contacting Worldwide Wholesales directly. They are the North American Dealer.