Great upcoming Los Angeles events

Just wanted to share a few choice events in Los Angeles for those who are interested. (links provided to see if they'll be in your area if you don't live in LA)

STEVE FORBERT! At McCabes on July 20th in Santa Monica. This guy is one of my favorite song writers. He was touted as the next dylan with the release of his first LP in 1979 and graced the cover of Rolling Stone when it meant something. He plays acoustic guitar and harmonica. To see him at McCabes is a REAL TREAT. McCabes is very small and intimate. it's actually a musical instrument store (they have performers play in the back of the store). You dont get to see artists at this level in such a personal setting anymore. I saw him at McCabes a few years ago and it was beautiful and rare. His best known LP was his second "Jackrabbit Slim" and absolutely every album he's put out is a classic. He's at his best live and unplugged. ( for tour dates)

MERRICK: There're an indie band with two female leads playing in Hollywood at Largo (dinner club/bar on fairfax) on July 17th and July 26th at Spaceland. They did a live performance on KCRW this past weekend. You can only get their cd at Aron's records or at their website (These shows will almost certainly sell out). just my opinion but you wont be seeing these girls at Spaceland or Largo again because they're movin' on up. Fast. ( for tour dates)

PHILIP GLASS: Royce Hall at UCLA film screenings w/ glass and his ensemble playing LIVE with the film: Oct 24 powaqqatsi, oct 25 dracula (i saw this with the kronos quartet, oct 26 la belle et la bete, oct 27 KOYAANISQUATSI!!!! bring the mushrooms for this one. we can use my car as a chill out room if needed.

MEREDITH MONK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to wait until February 14th but it's worth it. At UCLA's Royce Hall. If I had to pick my three favorite artists she would be one of them along with Coltrane and Tom Waits. Monk won the MacArthur 'genius' award. An artist of the absolute highest order. If you don't know who she is and are open to experimental music then you're in for a big treat. ( for tour dates)
Guys...and ladies. NO ONE has anything to say about these people? help me out here, i was hoping for some banter. an attack, anything. hit me with some negative flitchens, let me know you care.
Great topic, Khan. I stayed out till now because I'm not in LA, but I can see you need some support.

I'm familiar with Philip Glass and Meredith Monk. and share your enthusiasm for Meredth Monk. First (and only live) expousre to her was several years ago in SF in an MTT program of renegades and experimental composers. Completely blew me away. Bought a bunch of CDs the next day.
Ooops: I have heard Glass before (mid 70's I believe). Sorry Kubla, I just don't get out much anymore. The last live event that I attended was "Lipsinka" in 1991".
Drubin, high-five on the MM! What a dame!

Dekay, 'lipsinka?' is that a joke? what is that??
No, not a joke. It was a very intense play/musical in which a young man in drag (the solo performer) lip sinked the entire performance which was maybe 1.5 hours long. I liked it even more than Fripp and his repetitive guitar licks of the late 70's. It was a big hit mainly in the gay community which may explain why you did not hear of it, but nonetheless was great performance art.
PS: My wife just told me that the guy is still doing it and that she saw a flyer for the play recently. We saw it in one of the small theaters on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood.
'the guy' is still doing it. WE know who 'the guy' is, dekay and we support you no matter what you wear to look pretty.
If only I had a voice of my own, I wouldn't have blisters on my fingers from typing.