Great YouTube on Class A-A/B VS Class D


The measurement conclusions are quite remarkable!


Good vid, yeah I've always liked NAD and would bet the M23 is fantastic too... PS Audio seem confident in their class D, I have a hard time getting over paying the large sums for 2 rinkydink circuits in an empty chassis box somehow though. :)

Totally agree about pricing......Doesn't make much sense that some modern class D amplifiers are inder $800 and others upwards of $4000 for same performance.....


I think with Class D it boils down to the chips they use, no? I'm no expert on the subject, but in the case of NAD per the youtube vid above, they use some whizbang Hypex module from Norway (I think), they're leaders in the space from what I know - probably royalties they pay, etc. Thus in the NAD example or PS you'd get the real McCoy vs some Chinese chip in a lower priced model. Maybe the moral here is that in order to do Class D right, you need to shell out the bucks for the chips.

Can't image what might seperate an $800 amp fro a $4000 amp.

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Power supply, chassis, overall execution and where its built.