Groneberg cable good?

I am using my 1990's audio quest Quartz and topaz cables still. 

Would new new groneberg quattro ref rca's be noticeable sound improvement. There over 200 bucks with the wet connectors.  Or stick with th audio quest Quartz cables. ?
I use them exclusively in my 2 systems.  There is better, but you have to spend way more money.  What are the wet connectors?
Yup wbt, not wet.   You use then?  Groneberg?

 Do you like them?  Maybe I'll get one pair, and use my AQ Quartz on 2nd system.  Thank you

are the wbt RCA connectors any better than high less $ connectors?
Are they shielded?  I was using some cheap on Kmart ones, and they gave me major am radio feed to my tweeters. Switched to my AQ Quartz, and no more.  Happy. Still get a slight static, from what I don't know, had major static, and took out my pioneer elite dv48 and %80 of the static is gone, replaced with old son y using rca's


if so I may pop for 1 pair for my main system. Are they grounded?

I would like to save some cash.   What about the guy here?  His cables look good, but will they be insulated enough? Rf etc. ?

Silver solderd cables? Great reviews, would they be too bright ?
I used the Groneburgs for  few months , OK nothing more .
Cheapest Audio Anylasis and AudioArts were better .
In my system with McIntosh electronics, the Gronebergs are the clear winner compared to MIT, audio art, Kimber and Monster.
I tried the Teo GCs and didn't think they were better than my TS Premiums but am testing the HFC CT-1 now against them.
So the TS Premium sound meatier than the CT-1. They also sound a little bigger in image size. The CT-1 may be a little sweeter sounding in the mids or sparklier.
Ive had mixed results with the quattro. Did no care for them on the front end but are critical between my Odyssey pre amp and amp. Tried several brands of ICs in this position but none could duplicate the synergy that the quattros create between the two odysseys.