Gryphon and Ypsilon price lists

Ypsilon -

ELECTRONICS Retail US$ Prod # Product Description Unit Price/unit Poweramplifiers 1056 Antileon EVO  Stereo Class A  Stereo amplifier each $39,000 1054 Antileon EVO mono Class A Mono amplifier pair $78,000 1040 Colosseum  Stereo Class A Stereo amplifier, award winning vertical design each $49,000 1042 Colosseum  Mono Class A Mono amplifier, award winning vertical design pair $98,000 1044 Colosseum panel Carbon fiber panel option each $3,000 1046 Mephisto  stereo Class A statement Stereo amplifier each $61,000 1046 Mephisto mono Class A statement mono amplifier pair $122,000 Pre Amplifiers 1068 Pandora Reference preamplifier each $32,500 Integrated Amplifiers 1076 Diablo 120 2 x 120 w. integrated amplifier each $11,200 1072 Diablo 300 2x 300 w. integrated reference amplifier each $16,000 D/A converters 1094 Diablo 120 D/A Diablo 120 D/A module with USB input (plug‐in) each $4,250 1092 Diablo 300 D/A Diablo 300 D/A Module with USB input (plug‐in) each $6,000 1090 Kalliope State of the Art D/A with USB input (stand alone) each $25,000 Phono Boards/phono stages 1705 PSll RIAA MM/MC modules Tabu/Callisto/Prelude/Atilla/Athena/Diablo/Diablo 300/120 each $2,250 1707 Sonet SA MM/MC Standalone Phonostage, Fully Discrete each $7,590 1210 Legato Legacy SA       MM/MC stand alone phono stage,  fully balanced, discrete each $21,000 1212 Legato Legacy  NPS     without external power supply each $14,000 1213 Legato Legacy Boards Internal boards for for Pandora/Sonata preamplifiers set $8,800 CD Players 1714 Scorpio CD player 32  bit upsampling  frontloader. each $9,400
Not dealers' - distributor's costs are usually the most interesting. 
You do that, man.
I worked for an audio dealer some years ago. Dealer markup was typically 30%. Today's audio dealers with expensive stock must cater to the 1% - nobody from the middle class can afford these stratospheric prices! Is a $10K amp really 10X better than a $1K amp? How about a $100K amp? The parts cost for these bespoke products is a fraction of the high retail price. So the buyer of the $100K amp is mostly paying for magic fairy dust IMO! And those expensive AC cords and IC's - don't get me started! 
When I had my stereo store in the 90's I paid 40 - 60% off of retail. It depended on the manufacturer, how flexible they where and how much the total order was. I always paid the shipping cost.
$11.2k for the least expensive Gryphon integrated for ten years wouldn't be so bad if acceptable financing was available.
Another point. In New York City many live without a car, so they can spend some on good equipment. The same in Tokyo and other cities.
I heard that what dealers pay varies wildly, it's not always 40%-60%.
10X more expensive amp can be 100x times better, you can't generalize. The cables.. I have $100 RCA cables and $1300 RCA cables. The latter is incomparably better, though the former is quite good. I don't know how to apply straightforward mathematics here.
$11.2k for the least expensive Gryphon integrated for ten years wouldn't be so bad if acceptable financing was available.
I'm not sure how the availability of financing and the calculation of value are related, or even what "acceptable financing" even means. In any event, if you have good credit, you can finance anything.

In New York City many live without a car, so they can spend some on good equipment.
In NYC, a car is as much a nuisance as an asset. And typically, the high cost of housing offsets the savings gained by not needing to own a car.
Inna as a fomer store owner, which store? You should know that gross margins don;t tell the entire story of net profitablity.

You have to add in 3% credit card processing, 
                               store rent
                               store electricity
                               store security
                               store insurance
                               store internet 
                               marketing and advertising costs
                               display costs for merchandise
                               customer discounts if given 10% or greater
                               delivery costs/vans, shipping cost of insurance for vehilce etc.

when you factor in all of these costs most stores are running on 10% profit if that. If this business model was so profitable the market would be flush with stores rather than the reality is that the internet and on line sales are killing manya store.

The only reason Audio Doctor can survive is the custom market we do large custom projects which tend to have better parts margins, and large charges for labor. 

And in order to be a dealer for many storried lines you have to purcahse display equipment at a cost of thousands to many times that, a new line can cost a retaler $5,000.00-50,000 or more to accquire.

High end audio is a shitty business, 

Dave Owner
Audio Doctor NJ
Not me, Dill had a store. But, yeah, I am aware of all that, including custom installations. That's why I said that distributors are more interesting to learn about. Dealers also sometimes have to deal with audiophiles, can really be terrible, as I imagine.
I understand, both Gryphon and Ypsilon use very high quality and presumably expensive parts. I also suspect that they pay their workers very well. Personally, I am not interested in low prices, I am interested in fair prices. $16k for an outstanding integrated amp seems fair to me. Not sure about $25k, that's Ypsilon's integrated's price.