Gustard R26 on sale

SHENZHENAUDIO is having a big 11.11 sale from now thru 11/12, so the Gustard R26 is discounted from $1650 to $1402 in case it’s been on your radar.  Many other  products likewise on sale.  Just fyi. 


Try to find a US distributor. It cost me 240 plus duty to get the famous Musitec Dac back to them. They also wanted to charge a re-stocking. 

I was looking at the sale.  The 2 comments were very brief and didn’t elaborate.  If the R26’s are defective, can you explain how?  On the Musitec, was it defective?  If so, what was wrong with it?  Did you pay duty to receive it, send it back or both?  Was return shipping $240?

My recent post showing the Gustard R26 on sale was removed by a moderator with no reason given, yet this post remains. I would like to know why moderator.

Purchased the R26 on 5/25. Recently they went on sale for 10% off. I sent an email to Shenzenaudio requesting the sale price, and they refunded me $178.19 today. "Stand Up" sellers!

Build an audio system with a key component (e.g., DAC) desinged and made in China is no different from buying electronics at Walmart.

I guess I need to start shopping at Walmart now.  I own a Gustard R26 and this is one fine DAC no matter who makes it.  Build quality, features, sound quality, price it is 🤯





@cfa88 A EE friend as a Punt Purchased a 4 Box Class D Power Amp' from China for approx' £800.

They had seen enough of the build info to leave them convinced that following an addition of a few £100, in additional/exchanged components, there was to be an Amp' of a Design/Build Quality they could not produce for less money and expected the cost to extend to nearly £2K if replicated as a DIY only build.

This Amp' was demo's at a event in a £200K system along side other Power Amp's produced as a Commercial Product as well as DIY versions.

The Class D Import with a few hundred extra £'s spent on it, when used with a Soulution Pre-Amp did not sit by itself as an outsider with wounds needing licking., As a demo' model, and in my assessment, it went toe to toe with the best in the line up on the day, and was only bettered by a £60K Soulution Pre-Power Amp' and a Soulution Pre-Amp' > Neurochrome Power Amp'. 

I was not the only one with such a positive impression left.

What is sure, is that a Power Amp' that can be extremely impressive does not need to have the extra £35K expenditure to achieve the sonic that can be very impressive. 

I would also suggest if the Import Amp' was the only Amp used on the day, it would have received a great appraisal for the performance to cost ratio. For me it was inly the Neurochrome that usurped it from the ultimate bang for buck top position.

There are way too many reports such as this to take the statement that follows with any seriousness.

 " Build an audio system with a key component (e.g., DAC) desinged (designed) and made in China is no different from buying electronics at Walmart. "