Harbeth speaker stands

I recently purchased a pair of Foundation stands for my Harbeths. I only see Harbeth owners mention Skylan and Sound Anchor. Is there anyone else out there using Foundation stands for their Harbeths?
You may want to post your question on the Harbeth User Group. Many friendly Harbeth users there who are more than willing to share their experiences.

I use Skylan with my 40.1's. Noel is great to work with. Gotta love his thick Scottish accent!
Skylan stands are excellent and Noel is a true gentleman and professional, but I thought he was Irish, not Scottish, and that his accent clearly was Irish.

Neal... you may be correct on accent being Irish, as I don't recall him saying "if it's not Scottish, its CRAP!" Don't know for sure, but I do get a kick out of it.
ditto skylans. He includes everything you might need to put them together including a funnel to pour in the kitty litter.
The word I've heard about Foundation Stands is quality control is seriously iffy. They're supposedly OK bargain stands if you can get a pair that line up properly for assembly.
Skylan stands as well as Sound anchors works very nicely with harbeths. The skylan would be cheaper though.
I'm currently using Foundation Stands. The quality control is serious lacking with these stands. I've got one good stand and one that is a bit tilted. I've had to attach bumpers on one side of the stand in order to ensure that the speaker doesn't wobble. I'm seriously thinking of changing to Skylan stands but I've heard that the open stands are better for the Harbeth because of the lossless design of the speakers.
What is everyone filling your skylans with?
I've seen sand, kitty litter, and now rice, long-grained.
I'm using the Sound Anchor 4 post stands with my SHL5s. Solid build quality, look good, and heavy as the day is long. Perfect fit.