Has anybody heard the Whammerdyne Circuit Salad recently?

I just discovered Whammerdyne and their Circuit Salad integrated looks like something I might enjoy.  I'm shopping for a new amp/integrated amp and I've always been drawn to the more esoteric offerings.  Otherwise I am likely go with a Pass Labs Int-25.  The most efficient speaker I have is a Omega Super 3 High Output XRS which is 98 db @ 4-6 ohm.

I'm open to buying new speakers as well as long as they're 3k or under... this is going to be a "last" purchase for quite a while.

Hoping to hear some feedback... I can't find many review and I won't be able to listen to the amp directly.


The Whammy is low production like many of the smaller companies are. Sometimes your best bet is to see if they are doing a show.   

I hate buying sight unseen but in this hobby sometimes if you want a certain product you just have to take a leap of faith.   A $5k or $6k one. 

In my search for an amp Indid speak to Pat over at Whammy.  He was kind enough to spend a few minutes talking about the DGA amps which he is Damn proud of 

Yep they were at the show in DC this weekend but I wasn't able to make it.  I'm hoping to see some reviews soon!

I haven't heard the Circuit Salad but the DGA Ultra was as at CAF last weekend driving a pair of Songer Audio Field Coils.

It sounded excellent. There's a report here, with photos and a short vid:


I really liked the Songer/Whammerdyne room at CAF 2022--the sound was dynamic and alive without being unduly harsh or brittle.  One of the better rooms at the show.

I just wanted to share with the wonderful community here that Enjoy the Music evaluated my S1, and published it for the April issue. It's an amazing milestone in the journey, and I am humbled by it. Cheers, everyone.


I know the gentleman who makes the Whammerdyne equipment; he is local to me and has serviced multiple tube amplifiers for me. He is extraordinarily kind, has a tremendous amount of experience with audio equipment, and is, at least in my experience, extremely responsive when I have questions. He has an outstanding reputation locally, particularly when it comes to servicing McIntosh tube equipment. 

If you’d like a good deal on a Circuit Salad, check out www.echohifi.com

Happy hunting!



Thanks!  I'm still very tempted to give one a try and echo certainly has a great deal on them.

Very interesting I had never heard of this brand or seen the accolades it has received. Very economical also from this dealer.