Has anyone had any luck in contacting Dale Pitcher

Hi all : Could use your help in contacting Dale Pitcher of Intuitive Design. I have tried the work numbers and personal cell number with no luck for the past six months. I have an Essence amp which he has been unable to supply parts for a repair needed two years ago and a pair of external crossovers he has not returned for Essence subs that have set idle for the past 5 years waiting for his expertise.
I just spoke to Dale Monday. I would suggest trying Alpha-Tech Audio in St. Louis. They just fixed my Essence Jasper Reference Preamp and are starting to fix all of his Essence gear. Their number is 314-645-5250. If you want to email me privately I can give you Dale's contact info. Thanks.
Yes, I spoke with him recently. You are welcome to email me for his contact info.

Caveat Emptor....
This guy led several of my old customers on a merry chase for 'deposits' collected on a Preamp...for years...YEARS.
He is, simply stated, a crook.

If you chose to deal with him, you've made a mistake...I know I did, and it WAS a mistake of epic proportions.

Dale can be slow at times but always comes through in the end (at least for me). I promise you he will make things right. I have dealt with him for close to ten years. His products always exceed expectations IMO. That is a rare experience in hi end audio. His new Suspension Bridge conditioner is mind boggling and a game changer. It was WORTH THE WAIT.
You got that right, Agear. Dale seems more organized and responsive than years ago, when it would appear that Lrsky dealt with him. In my own experience in recent years Dale has been fine to work with, no undue delays or lack of communication. I have one of his power bridges in for evaluation, and it's quite promising.
Brian, Dale me you were interested in picking up the bridge. Kool. I am glad you finally have one in your hands. Warning, they do take a LONG time to break in and go through some crazy changes. Mine tortured me me 6+ months.
I too have been dealing with Dale for many years, more than 20 to my recollection. And yes, he often takes money up front and is slow to deliver, but slow is not the same as never. He always delivers eventually and I am amazed at the performance of his products. I don't think I would label him as a crook but as an eccentric genius whose business model is problematic.
I talk to him several times a week. He can be frustrating but after setting up Alpha-Tech to service his older Essence equipment I had a chance to look inside the designs and talk to Zaw.

He really is his own worst enemy. The stuff is so hard to work on and designed beyond most people's capabilities that there is no way Dale could service product by himself while producing new equipment.
I have dealt with Dale for around 20 years from his time as Essence Audio in Lincoln, Nebraska to Intuitive Design in Wyoming. My entire 2 channel system is Dale's and I consider it to be incredible. But I can see how Lrsky feels the way he does. I put down many "deposits" and waited for long periods of time but Dale always delivered. I agree with Rlawry and Duane. Dale is an eccentric genius and honest guy but whose business model in my opinion is "I can't believe that he's still in business!"
My current issue is...a doctor, my own physician, who spent thousands with me/Pitcher...Dale collected his $20K Subwoofers some years back, and still has them. No explanation, no contact.
He is simply a ghost when he owes the customers a response.
This industry is fraught with such activity.
Albert Von Schweikert has a $30K deposit collected from me, for Mike Gorrell in 2004, for a mega speaker. He still has done nothing.
Do NOT send AVS a deposit. Do NOT.
Fair warning folks.
Albert, please, if you don't like that I state this publicly please, PLEASE deny it or start legal action. I still have the records. I STILL HAVE THEM!!!


If this doctor is in Indianapolis I know that he purchased used ones that Dale was trying to help a customer going through a bankruptcy. After the doctor got them it was discovered they were blown.

Dale sent replacement woofers but never drove over to install them. I installed them for Dale a couple of years ago but the still need crossovers.

Dale doesn't try to rip people off. The reality is that audiophiles have permenantly destroyed the industry by demanding heavy discounts to the point that many high end companies only make about $1200 a month so they have to work day jobs or live off food stamps.
Dale has always made things right for me and I have known him close to 10 years. Larry, I will email you Dale's contact data and you should deal with him that way.
No, this doctor is in Louisville, Kentucky, did nothing but give the Sub Woofers to Dale Pitcher to have them sold or upgraded...they disappeared, as did he. Typical of his behavior for the past years that I've known him.
But the larger issue is the defense that Audiobunker has presented for Mr. Pitcher.
So, let me see if I have this right.
Audiophiles are to blame for Dale Pitcher collecting deposits for gear, then not presenting that gear to said purchaser for...oh, I don't know, forever?
That is the same logic that only he would employ...so I'm wondering if Audiobunker isn't Dale Pitcher's pseudonym.
Pitcher and Mr. Albert Von Schweikert are both cut from the same cloth. Collect money, then don't produce.
There are words for that behavior...it's called Interstate Fraud.
I defy either of them to dispute these accusations.

Names, dates and amounts available on request.
Caveat Emptor.
I know Audiobunker Larry. His name is not Dale Pitcher. Dale does not frequent these forums. I know of several physicians in that area who own or have owned Dale's gear, including an Orthopod who has multiple systems built around Essence electronics.

Larry, does this individual still own Essence electronics?
Dale's new business since Essence expired, is Intuitive Design audio. He still makes excellent speakers. He makes interconnect and speaker cable under the brand name Mosaic. Intuitive Design does have a web page. His Power Bridge technology appears to have great promise. Despite his brilliance as a designer, he appears a poor businessman. His products are so over engineered, they can only be produced or repaired quite slowly as he is so worried about his ideas being stolen which wouldn't be the first time. Many of us that can afford his products are type A people to achieve the financial success needed to buy them. Dale seems to be a type B personality. I too have known Dale for better than 20 years, in the past had adequate service, but now he has had my Essence amplifier for over 4 years. I have visited him in Torrington, I feel he's brilliant, a good family man, but with his poor business model has not been able to enjoy financial success from his products and he struggles. Thanks to audiogon information I did talk to a couple of his dealers, and they do not appear to have any leverage to aid in the repair of his older products. Dale appears overwhelmed. I hope Alpha Tech Audio mentioned above is able to do the service as his products are top notch when functioining.
An accurate summation Sufur. I would not recommend sending any vintage electronics to Dale for repair. An outfit like Alpha is the answer....

His stuff is out of this world, particularly his new conditioning technology.
Alpha Tech Audio in St. Louis is the answer. I had trouble with 2 of my Intuitive Design amps and after reading about Alpha Tech in this thread I contacted them. I shipped my amps to them and they did a great job. Fast service and now good as new. The guy to talk to there is named Zaw. They have a website-


Alpha Tech Electronics
1502 S. Big Bend Blvd.
Saint Louis, MO 63117
I have just seen Dale. As always, enthusiastic with more new ideas than he knows what to do with. If his ideas merged with someone who could efficiently manufacture them he would have quite an impact on speakers, his power bridge, electronics, power cords and 'wires'. I have a fantastic amplifier after 5 years, Alpha tech certainly sounds the way to go for the old Essence repairs. I hope he can achieve the success to grow his company and produce more efficiently so more can experience what he is capable of.