Has anyone heard the new Vandersteen Quatro?

Hey everyone. Has anyone heard these things yet? What is the cost on them? No price on web site.
I heard them at CES, Audiogon coverage is here:


I thought they sounded better than the same room last year with 5A. I know the 5A is a better speaker but with the ARC amps and small room size, the Quatro was very good. Especially for show conditions.
I heard $6,500 but you have to assume you are going to want model 5xovers unless you want to build your own. If you want model 5 xovers, I think they are about $800 balanced or $600 for rca. Making your own could be much cheaper and may provide satisfactory results. If you are interested, I would do a search on this forum as I believe it has been discussed in the past. Most people do not advise using the "regular" Vandersteen xover.
The Quatro's should retail for $6,500/pr. They use the Model 3A Signature tweeter and midrange drivers with a new 6.5 inch mid/woofer (rather than the 3A's 8 inch). The bass is handled by two 8 inch woofers powered by a 300w built in amp. They should become available in the June/July timeframe. More information on the bass controls and subwoofer crossover will be forthcoming at that time. I suggest contacting your local dealer to stay up to date on Richards progress on shipping them.
The bass controls should be identical to the controls on the 5 and 5A-- 11-band equalization. At least that's what Richard said at CES. It may change before production begins.