Has anyone reviewed cables for the iPod?

I am looking for the best cable/interconnect for my iPod for under $100.

Is there a real difference between the high end cables?
So far I have seen a few custom types listed below but need help selecting the best one (to go from iPod to portable amp)

Mini-mini interconnect cables:

A) Cablepro.com, Ear Candy pro cable $119, Panorama $149

B) Zu Pivot cable mini-mini, $79 http://www.zucable.com/miniphone.html

C) Highflyin9 VRAY and XEV mini cables $49, $42 right angle

C) RnB Audio right angle Sky Blue Mini, $45.00, $29.99 straight
Dude it's an Ipod. The worst sounding thing you could buy & your looking for a good cable for it?
The fact that David Wilson used it as his source at a recent trade show speaks volumes. I would go with a Cardas cable.
You could plug a clock radio into David Wilsons system and it would sound good.

I agree. It's convenient but not a high end product.
I have used the ZuCable Pivot and was astonished by how good it was, right out of the box, so to speak. I have plugged them into several different systems and they are a steal. You can get them on Ebay for $40 - $45 and the service is excellent. They arrive in 2 days.

Krellm7 "If David Wilson jumped off a bridge would you do that too?"

That's pretty rich coming from a guy with Krell as his moniker.
I'm not suggesting everybody sell their high end CD players and go buy iPod's. Simply that acceptable performance can be acheived by running an iPod in a good system with an after market cable.
No one stated the iPod was an Audiophile player in this thread. Personally I have heard some pretty BAD sounding Krell stuff myself..

It is what is what is. But getting a good cord does improve performance. I have the Audience iPod Cord ($89.00) and use one for my Airport Express as well with great results.

It is even hooked up to main rig for convenience, oh the HORROR!
Kid, that’s pretty scary. Cut it out, will ya!

And your Sonus Fabers condone this sort of diet without suicidally blowing themselves up?