Has anyone tried to launch a for sale ad here, lately?

I have just given up on my third try.  I fill out the first page, fine.  Then you have to go to a second page to describe the price and shipping, etc.  At that point, the ad dissolves.  Just vanishes.  As a last resort, the back button takes you to a blank page as if you have entered no previous data. I'm done here.


@lewm- don't you think it is worth reaching out to Tammy? It could be a software glitch here - not uncommon. 

i buy reasonably frequently here, but it has been a long while since i have tried to sell anything here

I used to sell here a lot but ever since they changed the fee structure, it no longer favorable to sell here; especially the large ticket items. Not to mention, a direct communication via phone is prohibited with buyer or seller. I am not going to buy a five or four figures item without speaking to a seller.