Have you heard about new Krell products

Have you looked at KrellOnline site ! There is a lot of new components. More, Krell is building new floorstanding speaker! Who could have know it ! Do you know something about these new products from Krell? Have a look at KrellOnline.Com !!!
well, its about time! krell hasn't revamped their product line in, what, 6 weeks?
Only the riches who don't listening to music will buy a Krell to fill up the empty cabinet.
Krell is the Ralph Lauren of the audio world. Overmarketed, overpriced and mediocre quality. You can get much much better stuff without spending nearly as much money.
I have an eight year old Ralph Lauren red wool hunting jacket that is exceedingly well made of top grade material. It retailed for $475.00 though I paid $99.00 for it at a close out store (it may be a second). I had wanted it, even at the retail price but did not wish to spend the money. Later I just lucked out. I don't own Krell but you are certainly mistaken about this jacket.
POOR minded people like you are juste a waste of space on these threads. I'm sorry for you. Get a real job and give you the chance to listen to what is considered one of the most prestigious sound found on the market. POOR guys you are, in every sense !
my only complaint w/krell is the same as cornfedboy's - that they seem to come out with *new-n-improved* product every 6 months or so. (weeks? months? who's counting? ;~) ) i have not found krell to be mediocre. while expensive, it's in line w/other high-end equipment. still, i wouldn't support them w/a purchase, cuz i don't appreciate their planned obsolescense marketing strategy. plenty other hi-end (and way-expensive) equipment out there that also sounds great. martinparel, perhaps ya don't like others' feelings about this, but it's a free market, & everyone's entitled to their opinions.

regards, doug

martinpare1: how do we know that's really you? you've been off to war, lo, these many years. could you really hear the roar of krell over all those cannon?
Sedond: I just do not appreciate the stupidity of comments made in this thread. I understand Krell has its own personnality and some people don't like it, and I don't have a problem with it. But if people do not care about Krell brand, or hate it, they should leave these thread alone and visit "Krell Lovers & Haters!!! Please read!". The puspose of this thread is to have some hints about the new Krell products. THAT'S IT. It is not the place to express ridiculous comments like what we have here. It is sad to see all this contamination.