Have you seen the new McIntosh poster for $195?

I guess if I was in college I might like this. It's really not so bad. If they sell them all it'll be $50,000 for this Company . But then you gotta spend a couple hundred dollars to frame it. But it's only $195 and it's limited to 250 copies maybe I can make a lot of money in the aftermarket I hope they haven't sold them all out at this point maybe they'll do other types of posters. I bet if  they charged more for it there would be more interest. It's just a quirky way things work. Maybe all the dealers will buy the posters. 


I was able to pick up several and will now auction them off on eBay. The first one I put up on eBay is now up to $715.  I'm sure it'll go higher. I'm gonna make a killing.  Maybe I should've waited. But I have so many to sell. Maybe I'll keep them and offer them to my heirs. That'll keep them loving me till the very end.

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Didn’t McIntosh sell an empty box with its name on it for an exorbitant amount of money awhile ago? This is not an audiophile thing.


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They call it a light box. This is one of the most ridiculous things I've seen in my entire life. The logo is huge on the front. I like subtle logos

Who is the brainchild that figured this out. So they're in a major big-time executive meeting and someone comes up with an idea . He says remember all those component cabinets we built for something we're no longer going to sell. Rather than dispose of them why not put a logo in the front of them and call them an empty box and sell them for $1500 . This person is now running Macintosh.