Have you seen the new McIntosh poster for $195?

I guess if I was in college I might like this. It's really not so bad. If they sell them all it'll be $50,000 for this Company . But then you gotta spend a couple hundred dollars to frame it. But it's only $195 and it's limited to 250 copies maybe I can make a lot of money in the aftermarket I hope they haven't sold them all out at this point maybe they'll do other types of posters. I bet if  they charged more for it there would be more interest. It's just a quirky way things work. Maybe all the dealers will buy the posters. 


Yes, initially we're printing 250 copies, but there will likely be reprints afterward.  What is the historical significance of it anyway?  

Too late the Mcintosh website has them sold out, but did notice you could get a hoodie, long sleeve T-shirt, Nike hat and a neck tie for the same price of $195. 

McIntosh read the book Rebuilding the Brand: How Harley-Davidson Became King of the Road. Sell more branded merch than core product. 

I was able to pick up several and will now auction them off on eBay. The first one I put up on eBay is now up to $715.  I'm sure it'll go higher. I'm gonna make a killing.  Maybe I should've waited. But I have so many to sell. Maybe I'll keep them and offer them to my heirs. That'll keep them loving me till the very end.

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Didn’t McIntosh sell an empty box with its name on it for an exorbitant amount of money awhile ago? This is not an audiophile thing.


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They call it a light box. This is one of the most ridiculous things I've seen in my entire life. The logo is huge on the front. I like subtle logos

Who is the brainchild that figured this out. So they're in a major big-time executive meeting and someone comes up with an idea . He says remember all those component cabinets we built for something we're no longer going to sell. Rather than dispose of them why not put a logo in the front of them and call them an empty box and sell them for $1500 . This person is now running Macintosh. 

Considering the branding products sold by college and pro sports teams, I’d say the McIntosh branding people are very innovative. Not sure of how much $ actually ends up in the company books after fulfillment costs.

However, when it comes to long term survival a key component is brand awareness. Building a recognized and stable brand is really hard to do; Maybe I’ll order the flag:

Let it fly

an idea of being a collector of a cool things that will go up in value is diminishing each and every day, because not only people can become more foolish, they can become more smart as well. waging on that limited edition poster might not bring desired profit.

Some people here obviously don’t appreciate or have a clue about concert art. Masthay is one of the best in the business and the McIntosh/Grateful Dead partnership goes back 50 years. Limited edtion of 250? They will sell for 2-3x that on Ebay in no time.

If I were a McIntosh guy i’d gladly chase one for myself.


I’m a McIntosh guy and I wouldn’t buy it.  Not a fan of the Grateful Dead at all so it’s a non issue for me.  For $199.00, there are quite a few records I could buy instead. 

McIntosh does not sell more merchandise than equipment.  As a matter of fact, they most likely sell far more equipment than most high end brands. 

so you started a post for something that's sold out advertising that you are now selling it on ebay? What an exciting thread.

I think he just wanted to tell us that he bought a lot of them and now selling them for a profit. I’m so impressed 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

....contemplation on @dekay s' veggie 'im-poster', reminded of that infamed yodel:

".....rutabaeyaeya rutabaeyaeya rutabaeyaeya....."

Missed the part where the OP decided to be a douche and blow the supply and demand curve for real fans.  

More than 55 years as perhaps the first Dead PA was 4x MC240 amps running in mono ( about 85 watts ). all bolted to a sheet of Panzerholtz ( just kidding…it was plywood )… but to paraphrase John Curl who helped develop the Wall of Sound, the Dead loved the sound of tubes but w heavy touring needed the reliability of SS…

About the posters…. meh except for those who wanted one before the gold rush…

Full disclosure i own and enjoy the excellent sonics and amazing durability of a 1961 MC240 many days in the listening year…


Love your basement set up especially the rack and especially the table. Was this from a tree you cut down? 

I'm a huge deadhead, or I was until August 1995.

That poster doesn't really interest me, nice thought I guess. And 250 people were on it fast. Good for them and I hope they enjoy it was much as I do listening to live Dead remasters turned up to "11" on my Time Machine:


Didn't know about it but wouldn't have bought it anyway even though i am a Dead fan--however, i did recently pay $30 for the poster and $30 for a frame to have the Maxell "Blown Away" poster for my listening room:

Blown Away Guy, Maxell Cassette Commercial. - Creative Audio ...

I have that Maxwell poster, sitting in a drawer however. 

I have not seen the McIntosh poster. 

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bemused that mcintosh has such a fervent following when there are so many other great hi-end vendors out there. 

So, serious question, what is the allure of McIntosh equipment where it becomes the end goal for so many?

my system components currently ….  Vpi, klyne, pass, quad, rel, (cables) furutech, cardas and dozens of other components and cables in the past. Have heard couple of mcintosh amps many years ago but in comparison to others the McIntosh boxes never stayed. 



You need to distinguish between the McIntosh tube amplifiers and solid-state amplifiers. The tube amplifiers are where they shine. The reliability plus the performance is what makes mcintosh tube amplifiers very desirable. Solid-state amplifiers are comparable to most other solid-state amplifiers as most solid-state amplifiers are pretty reliable.

Plus the resale factor is a huge component of all this. Other amplifiers tend to be way overpriced as demonstrated in the used market where after two or three years you were lucky to get 40% of what you paid. And very difficult to get rid of most other brands.

I’d love to own a vintage McIntosh neon sign. I’ve seen newer signs available however they’re made using LED lights and what appears to be acrylic glass. 

@emergingsoul I'll let you pick from one of two answers depending on your intent:  
1) yes i personally walked into the Sequoia National Forest, picked the best tree I could find and felled it by hand.  


2) That table has been in the family since I was very young and it does get many compliments.  


My guess is you're not posting this from A Federal prison so I would pick the second one.  I hope you have good estate planning because your family will have a tough time deciding who gets it. Probably a lot tougher to deal with than all your audio stuff regardless how wonderful it might be at that point. The thickness of that table is quite remarkable. I have a 160 your old oak tree in my backyard that should provide some lovely tables but maybe not in my lifetime. 

Nice to see so much enthusiasm for this long-time American company, in addition to interest in hand crafted art, at a time when AI is threatening to wipe them all out.

If you missed your chance, McIntosh is releasing additional copies of this print on 12/14. Looks like they're pretty strict on 1 copy per customer. Sorry OP.

The Grateful Dead are not really my jam, but it looks like a quality print process for the dedicated fan.