The best and worst Audiogon poster's

I have enjoyed these threads very much. I feel I have come to know some of Audiogon's members thru there postings. I have my favorite's like the knowledgable gentleman Albert Porter, In his ear's I trust Mikeam, Tubegroover, 3Dman and the controversial and sometime's entertaining Carl Eber. Who are your favorites and why.
Carl_eber should be takin out of his missery.Albertporter is one of the most knowledgeable posters.I would love to share a few beers with him someday.He has much to add and enjoy his insights greatly.
I cant believe I am responding to this, but here goes.My favorite audiogon member is me.With that said,Carl is a very nice and caring dude.I know him quite well and like him very much.He has extreme passion for his music and our hobby.Carl also stands up to what he believes and wont back down.If Carl is attacked he comes back with a vengence.Carl is repeatedly attacked here because I believe there are certain members who know they can push his buttons and get a rise out of him.I suggest(you know who you are) that you get your kicks somewhere else.Audiophiles I thought were more sophisticated than this.Please prove me wrong.UU
TM12, or Noel, you know how I feel about you. David, I thank you very much for your kind sentiments, and I agree with you, and also feel the same about you. I thank Audiogon for deleting that little exchange, I was trying to show this guy how silly he's being. I'm sure we can discuss audio only, rather than just saying "this is the worst waste of money ever, only a retarded moron would buy it," blah blah. I never make such extreme comments about audio, because frankly, they don't ever apply, epsecially if it really is "about the music". It is for me, absolutes don't apply to the things humans create, in the way a few posters have wrongly stated here on occasion. When I've tried something I don't like, I always say that I think it would be possible that it would work in some system context (and sometimes try to guess at what that context might be)...And no, I haven't bought most of my cabling "new"'s mostly been used, and I too have tried a whole bunch of different cabling, much more than I have electronics.....Brulee, thanks for your "sometimes" kind words, heh heh.
And also, I'm not sure this is a good thread, I just feel popularity contests don't do us any good. We should all feel free to exchange our thoughts and experiences here, perhaps with audio as the central theme. Personally, I like several members on here very much. Like most of us, I'm just wanting to learn more about what interests me personally. On occasion, I have been able to share something that has helped someone else. All too often, though, I seem to have brought out the "total utter jerkwad" in most everbody! Make no mistake, I DO blame them more than me, but still want to take some of the responsibility, and to occasionally apologize. The subject that has angered me most is that of women and audio. I continue to resent being thought of as a bigot those individuals who are full of excessive hubris, just because I feel that the two genders (by and large, with noteworthy excpetions) approach music (and especially audio) in vastly different ways. This is why there are many more men in this hobby, than women. It has almost nothing to do with "upbringing", IMO. (To me, this is akin to a woman thinking another woman a bigot, becuase she states that "MOST men do not have an interest in 'high fashion', read Cosmo, or watch Oprah...and like to watch sports all the time". She's stating verifiable fact, not "being a bigot".) My own idea in this area is something that ALL BUT ONE OR TWO OF US KNOW FROM OUR OWN EXPERIENCE, and also from sharing and confirming that experience with other "audio people" over time. Now, if some guy says "My wife and I have young single women over to the house all the time, who are hard core audiophiles every bit as much as we are", I find that essentially IMPOSSIBLE to believe, and ALSO RESENT IT, since I'm single, and would enjoy an experience like that! Believe me, if I meet a single woman who is an audiophile, I would be delighted, but would also "be evolved enough" to allow myself to feel the surprise that would accompany it. Anyway, AG is free to delete this rant, as necessary...
And TM12, I would say that anyone who can't even spell "misery" (yes, I even make typos myself...often, but can spell decent anyway...and that sentence wasn't long enough to incur a typo, IMO), is perhaps in misery themselves. I've asked this of others on occasion, and mean no offense, but considering your angry traits...Are you currently incarcirated? If so, I hope you are able to adjust to being "normal" again, before your sentence is completed...good luck with that.
Tml2, you are one of the less credible posters on Audiogon, not because of your ideas, but because of your *ATTITUDE*. Whenever you have to put some(one)(thing) down to make your point, you really don't have one worth considering. Put your *IDEA* out there and let us judge for ourselves. Leave the *ATTITUDE* out and have enough faith in your convictions to tolerate those who might have come to a different conclusion than yours without the putdown. Arrogance belies inexperience at least, insecurity at best.
Boy,just what we needed.This posting started out pleasant enough; thanks Brulee.Like the women in audio thread,that got out of hand ,this looks to be heading that way.Albert sure gets my vote for his information,and demeanor.
Tml2, point well taken. You have some great ideas but your presentation lacks grace. Proclaiming the "truth" then denouncing all nonbelievers as idiots is a stategy that has failed all religions, Audiophilia Grandioso included. Last time I checked, there were still many ways to skin a cat. Relax, for you to succeed, others need not fail.
Hi Brulee; My vote(s) go to ALL AudiogoN members that have the maturity, knowledge, discipline, and character to make pleasant, courteous, intelligent posts (and threads) on audio subjects of interest-- even when there is significant disagreement on the subject material. AudiogoN can be a great site. Cheers. Craig.
........and no, I'm certainly not perfect in this regard myself-- but it is a personal challenge. Craig.
This is a good topic, but it's bound to become personal. I didn't see anything offensive towards women in Carl's comments. Carl always tends to ruffle a few feathers, but I also know that he's big enough to appologize when he realizes that he has crossed a line. I just think Carl means that women audiophiles are few and far between. Personally, I think women are more music oriented and men are more equipment oriented. Also, the majority of posters here at AudioGon are great to talk to, but everyone needs to keep in mind that we all have different opinions, and not to take things the wrong way. Nothing anyone says here can have any effect on you unless you let it, so relax. Be decent, and ignore the bad crap. Getting into a debate with someone that has the oposite opinion can be a blast. Enjoy!
It is a fine thing to be an "oracle" to which an appeal is always made in all discussion threads. When a person is really full of information, and does not abuse it to crush conversation, his part is to that of the other people on the thread what the instrumental accompaniment is in a trio or a quartette of vocalists. I think there are at least three of these men of facts on Audiogon, who are always formidable--let them remain nameless so that everyone can imagine them for themselves. Then there are the real talkers. These are sometimes people with fresh ideas, and good words to communicate them in. But if a false note is uttered, down comes the finger on the keyboard and both the men of facts and the talkers should assert their dignity and not get tyrannical.
Though what Slawney wrote is likely the best path (choice words, sir), my opinions, as usual, get the better of me. Though making such a list on short notice means possibly leaving out some deserving soul, there's Albertporter for his demeanor, knowledge and calm articulation. Garfish because his path most closely mirrors mine and his willingness to share what made his system better. Carl Eber, a choice some might find interesting, for his knowledge and obvious passion, regardless of the fact that it sometimes has to be wrung out of him and other times the tide can't be stemmed. I've always been drawn to passionate people. Guess that's why I'm here. Oh, the worst posters? Those that try to stifle lively discussion with negativity and elitism. Got no need for them.
Anyone whose opinion of gear based not on listening but on his "research" is a moron with an ego problem and anyone who takes this advice is a bigger moron-are you listening carl?
I would like to thank, in no particular order, Carl, Craig, and Trelja, for helpful comments in past threads. Carl, I recently taped Galactic (good jazz/funk band from NO,LA, they're on Capricorn records, FYI) at the House Of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC. Schoeps tubed mics! (not mine) They sounded great. Had a blast. Perhaps we should look into a trade, I bet I've got something you'd like. Joe
I'll listen to anyone who has the knowledge to back up what they say. I'm not impressed with someone who gets defensive over a piece of equipment that they have only read about in Stereophile. With that said, not all "great" equipment is going to sound "great" in everyone's system because of the components that other person may be using. I think it does everyone a service to know the CONTEXT behind the opinion. Most AG posters are very good at doing this: Albert Porter, Tubegroover, Carl, Garfish (and a whole bunch of others). On the bad side are the ones who leave posts like "This piece will blow that away..." or "That sucks!" - with no elaboration!
Thank you for the kind words, Gthirteen. I don't have any one favorite, but a list of people who regularly contribute insightful(not inciteful comments). You would be included on the list. Others(off the top of my head - in NO order): Tubegroover, AlbertPorter, Carl_eber, Tm12, Garfish, David99, Brianmcgargon, Sedond, Sdcampbell, Avguygeorge, etc. Apologies to the long list my feeble memory cannot recall at this moment.
Is this the Jerry Springer show on "I hate you cuz your an audiophile pimp"? Gooooooood Loooooooooooord! Go Audiogon, Go Audiogon, Go Audiogon, Go Audiogon, wowowo! ugh, Lets try to keep it to music, and can't we all just Get along?
Tm12, as I've said, I was simply attacking you in the way you attacked me and my postings, to show how rediculous you are being (I could tell that "killing you with kindness" would likely not work). Was it not pleasant for you? You shouldn't have taken it THAT seriously, I've never met you or your family, so why would you think any comments I made about them would have any REAL meaning? (I knew that they wouldn NOT for me, afterall.) Stop your seathing already. You need to calm down, before you have a heart attack (really). And stop thinking that you are the only one holding the "undeniable truth of music" all the time, I can't stand that. Based on my experience with them, you're dead wrong about MIT, and you have zero right "on this earth" to be upset about the many fine people who enjoy their cables. Absolutely zero right! Who in hell are you to tell me that they're no good at all, when I, and many others, know the opposite is very true. If you've had bad experience with them, that does NOT give you the right to proclaim them a horrible company, and to "feel sorry for the fools that buy them", as you've vomitted forth. I too have tried the same interconnect that you didn't like, and I didn't like that one particulary either. But the model one up from it is very nice indeed, along with several down from it. I didn't just hear that one only, and decide that the "company sucks", like you've done.....................When you apologize about MIT, I'll apologize to you. All you've done here lately is snipe about products you personally don't like, and this only ruins any meaningful discourse that can be had on those subjects. It is you who should take a break from this forum for a while, not me...It certainly is not positive for the forum for us to continue in this way (duh), so this is my ONLY reply to you. I think you'd be better off if you didn't take such a personal interest in badmouthing a particular product line. I tried that once a few months ago (also a cable product), it had no effect, so I moved on to sharing about what I've had positive experiences with (mostly), and that has had a net positive effect..................Things can get ugly with me on here sometimes, and like I said, I do take partial responsibility for them. It takes two hotheads to really "go off", though, and there has been zero contrition on your part...rather, quite the opposite. You should take a pill, or something, and try to be happy at least while you are listening........Carl
Gthirteen, I don't have a mic pre with phantom power yet, so I can't use any of the good mics (dang it!). I'm not a big shot like you, I only do portable battery powered stuff, with unbalanced connections. I use an AT822, so have a good chuckle on me, heh heh. When Tascam, or whoever, makes a portable DAT that can record 20 bits at 48kHz or higher in that format, that's when I'll buy one (since theirs does have phantom power). Or perhaps, they'll just make a video 8 format portable, that does one of the new digital standards...I dunno, be a while at this rate, though.
Carl,I will never be a fan of MIT.I feel there is no value $ for $ with their cable.Its not bad sounding just not worth the kind of money they want.I feel strongly about the fact that pure science does not justify the $ they or some of the others want for cable.I will though continue to post and advise people that there are some alternates at modest price points which are as good as some of the mega buck stuff.The most important factor in todays bussiness climate is Marketing.Not allways does the supperior product win.The ones who do a better job marketing can take more market share or create a oerception thier product has more value.All the power to the.Carl go to and go to the Audio critique section.Read about cables and other things there.I think this will give you a good idea on what really going on.Its only an opinon but one i share srongly.One thing is you cant be all bad since you own a Rogue 88.I sold mine and went to the M 120.
OK, so THIS is my last reply to Tm12. There is no such thing as "pure science", and you would certainly NOT be an arbiter of it, if it existed. MIT's products represent the best value in audio cables today (mostly for solid state, but not solely), and the vast majority of us know this already. I suspect that your judgement is blinded by an awe of my obvious righteousness on this particular subject, you don't know how to express it correctly, and so you just continue to spout nonsense.....good day to you, anyhow.
I'd like to thank those above who mentioned I made some "good posts"-- I respect each of you too. I choose not to not list specific indviduals because, as Trelja noted, my memory is short too, and there are so many good posts that I'm sure I'd miss many. As to "bad" posters-- anyone that berates or denigrates another person for no good reason AND-- because you don't like their equipment choice(s) is NOT a good reason to "blast" someone IMHO. Cheers. Craig.
......I would add that I've "met" many on here that I would be pleased to call "friend". Cheers again. Craig.
Come on you guys, GROW UP, dont keep putting everyone else down because of their OPINIONS. Take each indivual (Male or Female) for what they are worth and what they have to CONTRIBUTE. I have enjoyed ALL the threads and learned much from all of you.
Carl I guess we agree to disagree.IMHO MIT is not value for the money.In yours they are.You at sime time should contact an Engineering Prof at MIT the school and discuss cable Physics.You could learn something if you where open minded enough to accept someone else's view's.Go figure a piece of wire can cost 2/3 times more than an amp which is full of very complex parts.Go figure a Rogue 88 is worth 1500.How can a couple of meters of wire be worth more.Give it some thought there is no logical reason for this.There is no platinum,Rhodium in this wire is there so.Why is it worth so much.Just a thought.Anyone else have an opinion on this.
I really appreciate those of you who have read my postings and consider them of value. However, opinions are like music, some pieces appeal to a large audience and some to only a few. I enjoy reading almost all of the comments from the posters at Audiogon. I have now met four people in my city, all because of Audiogon! To discuss music is great, to listen together is even better. There is much less to disagree about, except what piece of music to play next, or is it too loud for my other family members. I hope no person will feel limited in expressing their opinion here, it is akin to book burning, once an idea is stifled because it is not popular, we are ALL denied the opportunity to share in the idea presented. I hope all of you will keep this in mind, offer a tiny bit of respect, even to those who you disagree with. State your case, hold firm to your choices, but be open to the possibility that someone could offer help where we all need it.
Well Albert you have echoed my sentiments. To be honest I have found so many posts of value to me personally. Sometimes more from individuals that have differing views than my own. I have even LOL at some of the flamers and really don't take them too seriously, how could you as outrageous as some are? There are however one or two that post here whose motives I am beginning to question. I really can't nor would single out individuals that stand out, I wouldn't want to leave out anyone, kind of like the Academy Awards show,"I want to infinitum but it you thank or appreciate one stated over another not, but equally appreciated, humm, not a good idea. I will only say that I value ALL posters who are honest in what they post. Over time it becomes obvious who those individuals are. I also value lively and passionate discussion, it is most important sometimes in making an individual point heard. The personal attacks if they must be done should display a bit more humor, no need to get defensive, work on a better counterattack! A last word from me is I love music, especially live music, one of my greatest passions in life. It has been with me since I remember my father singing songs to my sisters and me at bedtime as a very young child. Well-reproduced audio is a means to capture what is real in music. What is real to me may differ from you. We all must ultimately respect the differences in our own view of reality and let the music reign!
Tm12, I need to stop responding to you now, but I can't. You must have Kryptonite.....BOTH my uncle (mother's brother) AND first cousin (his oldest son), got DOCTORATE engineering degrees from MIT (yes, that one in Massachusettes...professor Bose is held in high regard around those parts, BTW...I've seen the laboratory, you should visit, heh heh.)........................My uncle thinks "digital is digital, it's all the same". He heard my system playing only an FM radio source, and was AGASP. My cousin is now adjunct faculty at Massachusettes Institute of Technology, besides having several of his own firms in the hi-tech field. He was surprised a couple of years ago, when I informed him that quality audio electronics were made in places other than Japan, and were different than its mass market stuff (Yes, I doubt either had ever paid the nearby Goodwins' Highend a visit...I didn't either, didn't have time, or my own car on my last visit to yankee-land...maybe next year)...................Tm12, if you'd shut your pie hole the hell up sometime, YOU might learn something...but I seriously doubt it, dude!.......................Do I think it was cheesy of Music Interface Technologies to chose that same acronym for their brand name? Hell yes I do, but that doesn't diminish the quality of their products in the least!!!! Cables (and everything) sell for whatever the market will pay; I guess you must not have gotten past junior high school, not to have known this simple fact. Supply needs to meet demand, and if someone can afford to pay for an expensive cable, and finds its sonic advantage over others in his system, I DON'T BEGRUDGE HIM A FREAKING BIT!!! The fact that you do proves how insolent and retarded you are! I am not a rich man (likely not as rich as EVEN YOU, my resources are quite humble). That's why I buy my cables (and everything) mostly USED. At the used price, in the right system, MIT's top of the line cables (I have that interconnect) can NOT be beat by anything...In my all encompassing, omnitient, everlasting, and righteous opinion...................Do you know how to listen? I do, but I doubt you do. DB tests are for consumer reports wussie tree huggers, every audiophile knows that. (I repeat, are you Noel Anderson?) Those test results are always skewed by tension variables (Michael Fremer a decade ago was the excpetion...that's why everybody resented him for so long). And yes, I can hear better than you, and all your buddies too...So if you want to talk DB tests, post on a page where all audio components are thought to sound the same. In other words, "you be going away now, you no coming back here no mo'"...good day, sir, and take up fishing or gardening...
Just happened to stop by for a read. This is certainly an interesting thread. The above from Tml2 is a textbook display of arrested mental development. Tell me, Tm12, do you also stamp your feet and throw objects when you get into these rants? I thought this audio site was frequented by adults. If possible, T, enjoy your day!
I think you people should make a peace! Everybody has right on their opinion, and no reason to make enemies over the "net"! Also, i despise anybody else "ganging-up" on one person (Grumpy and Gino)when they have no idea what is "bickering" all about! I like Carl, but there is not reason to "hate" Tml2. I never met the guy! So if they (Carl v Tml) have to "square-off", let it be between themselves! Cheers (per Garfish)! Anyway, never to ask you, what "Garfish" stands for...??
Hi Eldragon; The Garfish or "Gar" is a long, slender fish of U.S. temperate waters; a fast and fierce predator. And an honorable fish, IMHO. Cheers. Craig.
Garfish, I had wondered about your post name too. I clearly remember as a young boy, when my friends and I used to go fishing. We would often see Gar in the water, just enough below the water to make it difficult to judge their actions. That particular fish would often come up to my hook, eat the bait off, and swim away. They were too smart to take the hook and get caught. Really made it difficult to keep the line in the water long enough to get a catch. Perhaps this is why you are able to "take the bait" at Audiogon, while never getting "hooked" into a battle with another poster. Could this be?
Albert; thanks for the fun comments re: "Gar". Never really meant to be secretive about my last name-- Garland, but AudiogoN kind of encourages User Names. In athletics, college, and early professional years my nickname was "Gar" and sometimes Garfish. As to AudiogoN posts, I've had a few "heated exchanges" with others, but I try to avoid them and much prefer "pleasant" . You do "pleasant" better than anyone on here. Cheers. Craig Garland.
I prefer to read or participate in any thread which is not degraded with infantile trading of insults and groundless claims of superiority. I believe that anyone who cannot be civil with anyone else who holds an opinion different from theirs about boxes full of electronic stuff does not deserve an audience here. All you adolescent audio freaks should just chill with a little elevator music for a few minutes before venting your childish wrath here in public.
I came in a little late to this thread but something Carl posted earlier is directed at me. “Now, if some guy says "My wife and I have young single women over to the house all the time, who are hard core audiophiles every bit as much as we are", I find that essentially IMPOSSIBLE to believe, and ALSO RESENT IT.” Perhaps your level of resentment made you blind to meaning of my post. My post was a specific counter example prompted by your post were you were questioned whether there were women who would want to listen to recorded music and care about the sound. There are. I’m married to one and we are close friends with the other two. However, we are hard core MUSIC LOVERS. Our interest in audio equipment is because we want the best possible sound to recreate the musical experience. We know that virtually everything will impact the sound. We each have our preferences in the trade-offs involved in high end audio down to what brand of tubes to use. But it is all about the music. Only occasionally do we spend hours listening to equipment but EVERY week we spend hours listening to music.
Plsl, no, that comment of mine wasn't directed at you at all. I'm sorry if you construed it that way, it was directed at someone else who uttered a phrase nearly identical to my paraphrase. That was NOT you, it was someone different; he knows who he is, and I'm sure he'll attack me again on it at some future time...and he'll again NOT prove his point to me in the least................I'm glad you and your wife love music, and listening to it at home (I really am), but that in no way disproves what essentially ALL of us know from experience (that it's hard to find a woman who will tolerate us in this hobby). You, and others like you, are the exception, and griping about it proves nothing. It's just bragging on your part, and if that's what you need to do here (most of us do at some time), then go right ahead and tell old Carl just how wrong he are one of many, and few succeed. As a wise man has said of me, "You're not afraid to be brutally honest in your commentary"......................It's time to stop being politically correct, the 1990's are history, thank goodness!! Everybody doesn't do "everything" in exactly the same way, to the same degree. They have every right to do so, a few rise above the ordinary, but most don't. As audiophiles, we are perhaps 1% of the population. Female audiophiles, and especially single ones, can surely only be 10% of our number (and that's being generous). Show me a sworn affidavit that provides evidence to the contrary (that even 20% of audiophiles worldwide are single females), and I'll admit I'm wrong on this freely. DO I WISH ALL WOMEN WERE AUDIOPHILES? Yes, indeed! Do I wish they hung around me? Do you have to ask? (Or rather, would you kick a bachelor when he's down, heh heh? That's always easier than helping, isn't it?)
Carl I apologize for my presumption. You are certainly correct that there are very few audiophiles. There do seem to be more of them out here on the west coast.
You can say that again! The answer is ECONOMICS! Mid-west and especialy South is economicaly depressed! I live down Deep South, and everything here remainding me on the "Third World"( with the exception to New Orleans, Mobile and couple of select cities) where i came from! The middle-class virtualy doesn't exist! There is rich ("old" money, good ol' boy society) and working-two jobs "poor". I am talking about Biloxi MS, which despite "Casinos", didn't show any economic progress. Cost of living is higher as ever, ...Union representatives have been chased away, even though great number of workers showed the interest. Local government and local News media "interfered" on the behalf of the "Casino's" to keep Status-Quo! We are talking about "basic" survival here, forget about the "luxury". Buying power is reduced to early to mid eightie's! I am sure looking to go back West! Always go West! Regards!
Eldragon Many rural areas in the South are poor when compared to living standards in other rural parts of our country. Most Southern states are right to work ("Unions need not apply") and the "old" money good ole boy network is still prevalent. There are however many quite progressive southern areas, most near major cities. You are using the absolute worst example of the South, Mississippi, which has chronically been the poorest, most backward state in our Republic since the end of the Civil War. They will remain so because the mentality there is "Old South", completely non-progressive with a major emphasis on maintaining the status quo. Might I suggest any place you moved North East or West would be an improvement. Mississippi has the highest functional illiteracy rate in the country which also contributes to their poverty. That state is a perfect example of old ideas not changing in a changing world. Our own backyard example of that is wrong with Latin America in general, it certainly isn’t the people. And so far as introducing gambling in a poor area, wasn't Atlantic City a good enough example of that stupid idea?, more poverty, that's all. Just some ongoing observations of our social versus economic values.
I am from a southern state, and, although I dream of working in CA sometime, I don't think the south is so bad at all. I've visited the northeast several times, and feel it is WAY overrated! Homes that cost around $700,000 in my area now, cost about $8 million in the northeast. The cost of living is too high in the northeast, and so is the population density. Also, unless you like urban sprawl, there's essentially nothing in the way of scenery. At least in CA, there's plenty of room to stretch out. Also, the average New Englander is about as conceited as the average Parisian, or for that matter British royalty, IMO. At least in the south, we have the common courtesy to smile while we are insulting your sorry keester...there is zero common courtesy or manners in New England WHATSOEVER. To say otherwise is to lie. I think they're so incorrigable because they hate their lives, and don't realize it. If I had to buy a new car every year, because the constant road salt ate it in half...not to mention freezing like I was in Antarctica for 8 months out of the year...I'd hate my life too! I hear heating oil has skyrocketed this year...I wouldn't want to be any of you up that way, not in a million years! Visiting is one thing, staying is madness...
Carl, you are correct in much of what you say. However, let me add that this is so only in the Northeast urban corridor from nothern New Jersey to New Hampshire. In the rest of the Northeast, things are wonderful. I live in the Philadelphia suburbs. Our area stretches from the Amish country of Pennsylvania, to Northern Maryland, to Allentown Pennsylvania, to the Jersey shore. It is truly a wonderful place to live. Philadelphia is everything New York is not. Warm, friendly, REAL people, with a sense of themselves. We are not grumpy or crotchety. There is a great mix of people from different walks of life, cultures, and careers. The economy is strong, and there is a shortage of workers. Our jobs pay well, compared to much of the country. The price of housing is no higher than the Atlanta area, and our cost of living is MUCH less than North Jersey, NYC, Connecticut, RI, MA, and NH. Land is plentiful, my property is 3 1/2 acres, even though I am 1/4 mile from the Philadelphia border. We have a nice mass transit system that allows me to get from my nearest train station, less than 1 mile from my home, to my job in Center City Philadelphia in 25 minutes. The restaurants here are some of the best in the country. There is a lot of culture here, including the Art Museum, Rodin Museum, Please Touch Museum, Meutters Museum(for the macabre out there), Benjamin Franklin Science Institute, NJ State Aquarium(across the river), and the Academy of Music. Washington DC and NYC are both 2 hours away, Baltimore is even closer. For vacation, we go to the Jersey shore(the worst of which is Atlantic City), which is extremely popular in the summer, or the Pocono mountains. We do not have the best audio dealers here, in my opinion, but one is one of the largest(two of them take up a full page ad in Stereophile)... Audio manufacturers Rogue, BAT, Timbre Technology, and formerly Fried(sadly, no longer in business) are here. My point is that next time you come north, spend some time in the Delaware Valley. You may be surprised.
Trelja I am also from the Philadelphia (Delaware Valley) area (born in Chester) and I agree 100% with what you say, some of the friendliest straight shooting people I've met in this country for sure. I love going home to visit family and friends and also have many fine memories of concerts at the Academy of Music, Spectrum (rock concerts) Bijou Cafe; Tower Theatre and Philadelphia Folk Festival not to mention the free summer concerts in Fairmont Park (Philadelphia Orchestra) at Robin Hood Dell. Yes indeed Philly is a great place to live and go back to. You forgot to mention Hafler Pensauken N.J. and Dynaco. Philly has a great variety of places to go and things to do. Thanks for reminding me of home.
..edited...trelja,tubegroover i have been in your neck of the woods and agree with you.i live in Southern Ontario which is very much like the area you are from.people from these area's are more tolorant than people from the South.I spent a week In South Carolina and was appauled at the treat ment of non whites.It was like talking a step back to what things where like here in the late 1960's.A time warp.
I think both Carl_eber & Tm12 both need a good lesson in manners!!!!!!!!! PLEASE, LET US NOT FORGET, weather it is specking & teching or just listening, this hobby is about what makes you happy with it. It is just like Baskin Robbins, if everyone likes the same thing then they would only have one flavor. Remember it is what you like, or what makes you happy however you spend your money on this stuff. Surly it is not worth getting all this excited about. I have done this hobby since the days of mono. I have made many good friends & listened to music all over this country. Just have fun, which is the point. If confrontation & arguments & showing your inappropriate behavior are your thing, then maybe another hobby might be better for you & all the people you come in contact with. Poor Guys!
What I had in mind when I posted this thread was not a popularity contest. These threads can be of utmost value to those new audiophiles as well as the veteran. As far as I am concerned, these postings are much more useful than the audio magazines. I wish there was this kind of forum 25 years ago when I first got into audio. Do you think Albertporter has some hidden agenda in speaking so highly of his beloved soundlabs? What about Carl_eber's Resolution audio CD player. Of course not. Can you say the same about the audio magazines? Audiogon IMO is the audiophiles best friend. There is so much valuable input that can be gained by it's members. It is obvious by the postings that there is a lot of passion involved with this hobby. I am no less passionate. A good heated debate over an amp, IC or whatever never hurt anybody. In fact it could be of great benefit. Belittling someone for there views serves no one. Thank you Audiogon members. You guy's are great.
And yet that's just what will happen in a thread like this, isn't it? You can keep deleting my calls to ban Tm12, and I'll keep posting them. Ban Tm12.
My favorite poster would be Trelja. As a Southern female audio enthusiast (audiophile would be pushing it), his common sensical advice is appreciated by this novice. I find the interplay between Carl and Tm12 a real hoot. Better than watching "Scariest Police Videos." I agree with Carl that men far outnumber women. Why? Who cares. While I appreciate fine audio, I'd rather listen to the Clash on a Sear's hi-fi set than Mariah Carey on the world's finest system.