Heard about the New 2003 Madrigal Warranty?

I just noticed something new on the Madrigal website (wasn't there a few days ago): New 2003 Warranty policy. They are not honoring transferred products anymore unless you got the used piece from a current Madrigal (or Proceed or Levinson) Dealer! I'm assuming this applies to 2003 purchased products and beyond. I don't think they can legally change the warranty on the products already out there. Anybody know anything about this? Any Dealers care to respond? Sounds like they are trying to kill the AudiogoN business. Too bad ..... I really felt that it was a huge selling point for Madrigal products. That really lowers their resale value.
Too bad...I hate it when Hi-End companies do this. When is the last time you saw a car manufacture void the warranty on a car with 15k miles that another party purchases.....imagine what would happen if they implemented this strategy....do you think people would be pissed? For the amount of money this stuff costs, warranties should be transferable. Just another step closer to Hi-End's non-exisistence. Do you think big brother Harmam International influenced this decision?
Unfortuately, Krell also does this.

But I still love and buy Krell. It just means that I might have to take a little more risk when buying used.

Madrigal also has an upgrade policy that lets you pay more than the price of the newer piece for the original & the upgrade. To add insult to injury they also change the cosmetics-heat sinks on the power amps, faceplate on the CD player & pre amps (I've heard}. Isn't it wonderfull what Harman International can do to a company's reputation!
Harman recently bought Crown, it will be interesting to see if they start shafting all the loyal Crown owners too....
This is why I own Pass, Rowland, Aragon & Sherbourn, they all have excellent service. Why put up with anything else?
Didn't Harmon get ripped here less than year ago for their customer service re: a home theatre piece? Changing the policy after the fact is the lowest of the low!

I cannot find anything indicating lack of warrantee transferrability on the Madrigal/Harmon Specialty Group website, or on the Mark Levinson or Revel web pages. Also, many here on Audiogon are still advertising gear for sale with the balance of the warrantee remaining.

Having said this, where did you see this? As for my sources, they are under the impression that warrantee is still transferrable, as it has been in the past.

Regarding this subject, concrete information would be appreciated by anyone in the know. Thanks in advance.
The archives should have the concrete info already. there was a thread a month ago or so about the termination of warranty transfers but I couldn't find it just now. Perhaps others will.