heatsink temps different between monoblock amps. KRELL FPB 350Mc

at idle, one amp measures 128 degrees at hottest area on heat sink fins, the other is running at 165 respectively. hot to the touch. They both sound identical to each other. i had them recapped and gone thru about 3 years ago,  these are full class A design. Any advice so i can speak logically with the repair center that worked on them before. i.m sure this thing is running up my electric bill,  excuse the grammar typing on a remote keyboard.


It’s possible the bias is off on one or the other, or both. 165 is pretty hot. If it’s that hot at the heat sinks it’s cranking inside. Pass Labs biases their class A amps to run at about 50-55°C as a general norm. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything for your amps, just a reference. Might be worth taking a look at the bias of the amps and go from there. I would call Krell and see what they say.

I sent these units to Krell and they did a complete cap service and restoration of other needed components.Both are running cool now and they sound fantastic.