Hegel H390 power cable

I’m looking for some input on a Isotek line conditioner and power cable for my
Hegel H 390
totally system, home and power grid dependent

mine worked fine with the stock cord, not improved with other 'expensive' cords tried

Running an Isotek Aquarius for all gear except amps and subs. Highly recommended. The change in sound quality was like a component upgrade. In my system/to my ears, replacing the stock Isotek Premier power cord with a Venom HC and subsequently an Alpha NR v1 power cord provided another noticeable improvement in the sound. I was running the Alpha direct from wall to amps (these include a Hegel H200) but now use a Delta NR v1 on the amps. Tried Pangea AC9 and Cullen Crossover (v1) but prefer the Shunyata cords,
I ran mine with a Furman Elite 15i. A Shunyata Research Alpha sounded great. We have garbage power here. 

I originally had my new H390 plugged into my 20 year old Isotek Multiway.  Until, that was, I started experiencing minor cut-outs.  The display went black, and knobs and remote were unresponsive.  The music was still playing though.

Hegel told me this can happen:

if the amp is subjected to power spike or voltage drop

Resetting was a simple case of powering off/on.  Their advice was:

in general we have found that using power conditioners, regenerators, transformers etc with our amp generally tends to degrade and restrict the dynamic characters on our amps, so we would normally not use such devices unless there is a serious issue with the local mains supply

So, I bought a decent mains cable (Furutech DPS 4.1), plus QSA fuses, plugged it into my UK mains socket, and no problems since.  My house is only 10 years old, so chances of substandard wiring being the cause are minimal.

Saying that, I've recently upgraded to an Isotek EVO3 Sirius for my digital sources, and am reaping the rewards it offers.  I have not yet however tried the Hegel with it.