Help! Deciding btwn several 2.5K spkrs

I've been listening to quite a few speakers in the $2,500 range and would love to hear any input on those I am considering--JM Lab Cobalt 820, Linn 5140, Kef Reference 2.2, Vienna Acoustics Mozart. I'm using a Linn Majik integrated amp, which is rated at 60 watts. I know that speakers are a personal choice, but it would be helpful to hear any of your experiences with these products, whether you think any would not match well with my amp, or if you think all of my choices are utter crap! Also, am I correct in eliminating from consideration all 4 ohm speakers due to my limited wattage? Thanks!!!!!
Mr. Goldsmith, your amp will be 33w into the 8ohm. Majik is , 66watts, only if drives 4 ohm speakers! Linn 5140, is great speaker, however it demands 50w or more, into the 8ohm! So, Majik wouldn't be sufficient with that particular speaker. Maybe, you could get another Linn amp, like lk 85, and you could bi-amp 5140's. With Majik driving LF, and "sweeter" LK-85 HF? I think that would be great match-up? Good Luck!
Well your certainly open-minded about things and that's good. If I recall I have heard the KEF's and I've heard the Linn Keilidhs, not the 2150's (sp.) and alot of JMlab stuff one day at a dealer (Big ones with Tube technology amps running them). I really had a hard time getting a feel for the KEF's in such a poor listening environment that they were in, didn't care for the Keilidhs, although they may not sound anything like the 2150's, and the JMLabs weren't bad, but nothing took me. I know that's rather non-descript and its been awhile since I heard them and partly why I can't give you more detail. If you're undecide among which to get, my suspicion is none of them are what you're looking for, aside from them being in your price range and you want a new set of speakers (which I can understand). What you might want to look into, at $1000 less, would be a pair of Biro L/1's. They aren't floorstanders, but the sound is more than capable. I've owned mine for over a year and really can't think of anything I want want over them, a few things in the five-figure ballpark catch my curiousity, but even then I'm skeptical. They are factory direct from and you have 30 days. They are definatly better than the B&W Matrix 801's, minus the deepest bass and the highest spl's. However, the only speaker to this day that I can remember hearing that offered something the L/1's didn't, outside those two factors, was the Avalon Radians, better soundstaging outside the speakers. But in defense they were in a room with $27k worth of acoustic treatment. And if you want more bass, the matching sub is $1400 or so, putting you a little over your $2500 price point. I'd try them though, they are one of the few high-end products well-engineered and truly worth their asking price. You got nothing to lose and you won't have to put up with any dealers, just a highly opinionated engineer, if its frank who answers the phone, Aado, on the other hand, is incredibly gentle in disposition, or so it seems. Good Luck!
Mr.Goldsmith, I'm going to make you a very happy man and save you a lot of money you can use towards some music. I'm 99% sure that these are the speakers for you, and I know you'll e-mail me back to tell me all about it. I't's the "TRIANGLE ANTAL xs loudspeaker", just read all about them in Sam's space in Stereophile aug.2000 issue page 31, go hear them,though dealer's are few, or buy them knowing you can return them if you don't like them. They are $1995/pair and east to drive. they also have a bigger model called the ZAYS at $2695.00/pair. your linn amp puts out 66wpc so you can use it with 4ohm speakers as long as they don't dip much below 3.5 ohms, you don't play them to loud, and your only driving one pair of 4ohm speakers. E-mail me and let me know how you did.
I would spend a little more money and have the Dunlavy SCIIIs drop shipped to your door. They are running a special on them till 11/30 at Audio Video Logic in Des Moines, Iowa. The number is 515-727-2279 and the owner's name is John Wiers and tell him Dan (that's me) told you to ask for him. Your Linn should have no problem driving them. They are the most dynamic, natural, and coherent sounding speakers in their price range. I went from Thiel 2.2s to these and I've been totally satisfied. I am using Audio Research electronics and have had no problems driving as loud as my ears can take it. Your price should be somewhere around $3,000 delivered.