Help Me Build a Second System For Less than $10000

Hi, I am trying to build a second system for by Bedroom and looking for suggestions . I am planning to spend around $10000 for everything including speakers,pre/pro and Amps. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am willing to spend a little more if necessary.
For a a very nice bedroom system, assuming lower volume levels, and unaggressive music I would look for

tube integrated: rogue, VAC; leben; shindo
speakers: devore super 8 or nines
turntable: clearaudio or rega
cartridge: clearaudio maestro
10-20-11: Veerapaneni
I am going to use Logitech Squeezbox Touch which has digital output. I dont see Bryston Integrated has Digital Input option.

At your budget, you are likely to gain much better performance by using a separate DAC - unless it is one of the plethora of current market $1,000 DACs (they will provide little real improvement over the SB analog out) that only have a high sampling rate chip versus a full audio component with a good power supply and analog section.

Personally, I would look for a used DAC in the $2,000 range that incorporates more than just the latest chipset. You may even want to consider a CDP with digital inputs (like an Esoteric, Moon SuperNova, Levinson 390S, all of which sell for about $3K used - and several others).

Also getting back to the speakers, as I suggested earlier as an option and others have as well, a more highly efficient speaker may be a good choice. Realistically, how often will you be listening at lower volume levesl? Frequently the higher efficiency speakers perform better at lower volume levels, IME.
Ckoffend are you saying that the Touch DAC is so good that a sub $1000 DAC wouldn't make that much difference is the sound for the better? I know that a $400 DAC with my SB Duet makes a big difference.