help me to choose an amp for Focal Maestro

"The magnitude lies below 4 ohms in this region, with a plunge to just 1.7 ohms at 111Hz rather than the specified minimum of 3 ohms."

"which will also demand very high currents from the amplifier. As all music has considerable energy in this region, the Focal's owner will have to use an amplifier that can genuinely deliver high powers into 2 ohms if the speaker is to be allowed to sing as it should"

"This makes the Maestro Utopia III a distinctly schizophrenic load for the partnering amplifier: very difficult for any amp to drive in the upper bass, but very amplifier-friendly in the upper midrange and treble. It is a good thing, therefore, that the Focal is very sensitive, playing very loud with only a few watts of power."

"It wasn't until the 600W Classé amplifiers took up residence in the system that I felt the Maestro Utopias were really giving me the dynamics they had promised all along."

what are my options?

Luxman m900u is the amp to have to drive those low impedances. Incredible value for the money. Competes with ultra expensive hi-end amplifiers at a fraction of their cost.
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Luxman is a great choice.

I'm going to be scratching my head about that impedance profile though for a very long time.
McIntosh has some amps that will drive those but they will weigh as much as w bag of cement mix.
i have Vitus SM-101 (broken now , need repair)
never saw any amp heavier then those two beasts :)