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Brian Hoyer / In-Tone / kasa
sorry, I feel your pain, but mine is a lot worse. Look for my horror story involving Brian Hoyer, Linn Kasa to be posted soon.  
ARC Ref 6 Tube Microphonics
ARC recommends a minimum input impedance load of 20k with their preamps. You’re not getting the best out of the Ref 6 with a 9k load. Los your gain is probably too high if you have a 90db higher efficiency speakers   
Compliance of a First Generation Kiseki Blackheart
I purchased the Blackheart and had to have it replaced 3 times. Something was wrong with the suspension. It was making a tickling sound. I finally replaced it with a different brand. My understanding is that they stopped producing the Blackheart d... 
Clearaudio universal tonearm re-wire.
@Mijostyn That isn't reality with Clearaudio tonearm wiring. They use the finest strands of wire which are extremely fragile. It's only a matter of time before you will ever so slightly pull on it too hard it will break. Once you do that trying t... 
Will China become the poor man’s dealer for high end audio?
My biggest issue when buying anything from China is the level of trust in their products. Simply put, are their parts being used genuine parts from the original manufacturer or just labeled as: Capacitors, resistors and transformers.  
Speaker that are 'KEEPERS" for the long haul!!!
Hopefully my current pair of Focal Maestro EVO’s are it for large floor standing. I have had over 45 pairs of speakers in the past 45 years and wish I would have stopped sooner, but you only live once and I have enjoyed the ride!  
Will China become the poor man’s dealer for high end audio?
WOW! Just check this thread and the responses are a mixture of ones relating to the original question and political statements. There’s no denying what China is and their atrocities towards their own people but putting aside all that they still ar... 
Magico's M9
This thread shows how jealousy can mask the truth. None of these NA-SAYERS have even heard these speakers but think their words mean something. Are they ridiculously expensive? Yes. I will never be able to afford anything near their price but that... 
The most dynamic speaker you've heard...
Focal  Maestro.   
Can you have too much speaker presence?
Want to thank all the posts related to my question. My speakers are large and sometimes I feel like they give me too much. What I mean by that is the presentation can seem overwhelming at times.   
Can you have too much speaker presence?
My speakers are Focal Maestro EVO’s and room is 16/17 with a wide opening to the kitchen.  
Leaving my amplifier on ok?
True components that produce a lot of heat are subjected to greater stress on their components but a well engineered component will be designed to handle the amount of heat it generates. It’s the constant stress of on and off cycles cause the most... 
Perlisten D212 Subs (2) in the house.
WOW! Perlisten subs command a lot of cash. I hope their performance is up to the task against the big boys. 10k is a lot of money for subwoofer without any history. REL’s are actually cheaper and known to be the best.  
When are speakers considered Hi-Fi and not Mid-Fi???
I always thought when you say something is HIFI you are concentrating on its sound characteristics than the music. Not good.   
How good is Aesthetix audio?
Thanks gdnrbob!