Help with adding turntable to my room...cartridge advice for Rega P6

I am setting up a new room and looking for some help with my phono set up.  I am running a Prima Luna EVO 400 into a pair of Dynaudio Evoke 50s.  Enjoying this a lot right now and ready to add vinyl.  Going to inherit a great vinyl collection from my father - a lot of 70's classic rock - my tastes generally ranger from harder rock to Grateful Dead, with a lot in between (Phish, MMJ).  But less classical and traditional jazz. The room itself, is if anything, just a tiny bit bassy - noticing that on lower quality source material - high quality well recorded digital source sounds nearly perfect to my ears.  Still dialing in the whole set up.

I have committed to a Rega P6 turntable (on the way) without a cartridge and will need to add a phono stage.  For purpose of the discussion let's assume my budget for both is ideally $1,000 and definitely under $2k.  

Ease of use and my ability to set this all up is going to be a factor.  Have never set up a table myself, but generally handy as long as no soldering involved - but know next to nothing about VTA / SRA and at the end of the day want to listen to music.

On the phono stage side have been considering:
- Simaudio Moon
- Vincent Audio Pho 500 
- Cambridge duo;
- Project S2 

Cartridges are throwing me for a loop - leaning toward MC :
- Ortofon Quintet blue (feel like the black will be overkill)
- Hana EL or SL (will I need spacers);
- other good MC matches? or
-  do I go with a MM like a Ortofon Bronze and call it a day....

I know this topics has been discuss to death over and over - but need help coming out the other side.
Thanks to anyone with some thoughts or advice.


why do you need spacers on your Technics SL1200G?  You have an excellent arm height adjustment on the turntable. What am I missing?
I am going to piss everyone off:
Fluance rt85 belt-drive with a Denon DL-103 cart. I took it on the advice of another couple of users and I have not regretted it. It is a good neutral cartridge that plays well across nearly all genres of music that I listen to (Teuvian Throat singing is a different beast but...). Jazz, instrumental, symphonic, rock all do well. Any tweaking I need to do, I can use my equalizer to a degree.
@stereo5 No, I was referring to the OP's requirement to use spacers with the Hana.
Consider this, its made for your table. No fuss, just attach to arm, set tracking force/antiskate and GO! it's a MC in your price range.
2 adjustments- just attach to arm,adjust tracking force and antiskate..