Help with adding turntable to my room...cartridge advice for Rega P6

I am setting up a new room and looking for some help with my phono set up.  I am running a Prima Luna EVO 400 into a pair of Dynaudio Evoke 50s.  Enjoying this a lot right now and ready to add vinyl.  Going to inherit a great vinyl collection from my father - a lot of 70's classic rock - my tastes generally ranger from harder rock to Grateful Dead, with a lot in between (Phish, MMJ).  But less classical and traditional jazz. The room itself, is if anything, just a tiny bit bassy - noticing that on lower quality source material - high quality well recorded digital source sounds nearly perfect to my ears.  Still dialing in the whole set up.

I have committed to a Rega P6 turntable (on the way) without a cartridge and will need to add a phono stage.  For purpose of the discussion let's assume my budget for both is ideally $1,000 and definitely under $2k.  

Ease of use and my ability to set this all up is going to be a factor.  Have never set up a table myself, but generally handy as long as no soldering involved - but know next to nothing about VTA / SRA and at the end of the day want to listen to music.

On the phono stage side have been considering:
- Simaudio Moon
- Vincent Audio Pho 500 
- Cambridge duo;
- Project S2 

Cartridges are throwing me for a loop - leaning toward MC :
- Ortofon Quintet blue (feel like the black will be overkill)
- Hana EL or SL (will I need spacers);
- other good MC matches? or
-  do I go with a MM like a Ortofon Bronze and call it a day....

I know this topics has been discuss to death over and over - but need help coming out the other side.
Thanks to anyone with some thoughts or advice.

Slight correction. Mine is a modified RP6...should be somewhat similar to the P6.
I would get the Rega  EXACT  at  600$ !
The exact is about as rock as it gets . Rega knows what they are doing .
I used the factory installed Exact 2 for 6 months. Good cartridge but the Dynavector 20X2H just blew it away.
Rega Exact seems like a perfect first cartridge for me - thanks for that advice.
the 20X2H looks really nice too...but definitely a step up in $$$.

Look forward to others that may have an opinion here!
My brother has a p6, just do a little research and find one that doesn't hum as needle gets closer to center of record. P6 is a nice table.
I had a Rega P3-24 which I have passed on to my son. I replaced the Elys 2 with an Exact 2. At the time, I was a bit of a novice at TT setup so l liked the simplicity of using a Rega cartridge. Rega cartridges get some grief on some of these forums, but the Exact is a very good cartridge.

If you want to screw around with spacers, the Hana SL is excellent. I use it on my Technics SL1200 G.

BTW, if you shop around, you can get an Exact 2 for less than $600.

why do you need spacers on your Technics SL1200G?  You have an excellent arm height adjustment on the turntable. What am I missing?
I am going to piss everyone off:
Fluance rt85 belt-drive with a Denon DL-103 cart. I took it on the advice of another couple of users and I have not regretted it. It is a good neutral cartridge that plays well across nearly all genres of music that I listen to (Teuvian Throat singing is a different beast but...). Jazz, instrumental, symphonic, rock all do well. Any tweaking I need to do, I can use my equalizer to a degree.
@stereo5 No, I was referring to the OP's requirement to use spacers with the Hana.
Consider this, its made for your table. No fuss, just attach to arm, set tracking force/antiskate and GO! it's a MC in your price range.
2 adjustments- just attach to arm,adjust tracking force and antiskate..