Help with Cary SLP-98

I'm interested in using 6SN7's that have a larger base and or different shape than the conventional 6SN7 tube. Can anyone help with a recommendation for a socket extender that fits, or other options?


They all use the eight-pin octal base. I’ve never seen an 6SN7 with the ST glass envelope. Chinese company Linlai makes some with the odd shape envelope.

Correct, Linlai has some very good sounding tubes that have glass shoulders that do not allow it to fit in the Cary SLP-98.

@yogiboy  I'll get my measuring gauge out and measure the opening.I actually emailed Cary and they gave me a link to an eight pin socket saver that didn't fit.


I have some 6sn7 socket savers but they all seem like not the greatest quality. Garage 1217 makes some very nice quality tube adapters, ceramic and gold plated pins. Not sure if they have socket savers. I had their 6sn7 and 6922 adapters for a MHDT dac, they may be able to make what you want. They are very nice people give them a call they maybe they can help.