Help With My Next Upgrade Please

Thanks to the info gained here, I am now the proud owner of a Bryston 4B-ST amp, now feel I need to upgrade my CD player. I am currently using an older Yamaha 5 disc player (please stop laughing) and here are my options, please add or comment, thanks. Keep in mind I have a few hundred CDs and am looking to improve the sound of 2 channel playback. 1. Purchase Rega Planet 2000 2. Purcahse Sony SACD 777ES or 5 disc 333ES 3. Keep Yamaha player for now and add DAC like P3A (maybe even P1A eventually) These are the options, please advise, thanks.
You might want to look into the Sony DVP9000ES. I don't have one and have never heard one, but I've heard that they're well made...regular CD playback is very's a DVP player (so it will play DAD audio)...and it plays SACD too. I think the list is $1500, so it probably goes for $1100-$1300 somewhere. If I were buying a player these days, I'd definitely check it out.
There's another thread that gives info on getting the DVP9000ES for $1075 - if DVD performance is of any value to you, this is a lot of bang for the buck.
For DVD/Cd/SACD - the new Sony 9000ES, for Cd/SACD the new Sony 333Es "platter" if only for cost, for cd only look into the new Diva line by Arcam as a potential option. There are rumblings on multi-format players that may be out after the CES - I would hold off until then...
Does anyone know if the 9000ES and the 333ES have the same innards (is that a word) except for the progressive DVD part. I see no problem with waiting until after CES but would like to make a move soon, I don't have a progressive scan capable TV, so that part of the 9000ES would be of no use to me. Is it foolish of me to even think of buying just a CDP, like the Rega Planet I mentioned in my first post??
Don't know about the innards of the 9000ES vs. the 333ES, but if the progressive scan DVD capabilities don't benefit you, the 9000ES isn't a particularly compelling purchase. Just based on pricing, I would have to think that the 333ES is of the same class as the 9000ES (quite possibly even a minor notch up) in terms of CD and SACD playback, though I haven't seen any reviews on that unit. In any case, no, you wouldn't be foolish to think of buying something like the Rega Planet under these conditions, especially if the current state of SACD doesn't do much for you. You might also look into the Rotel 991 CD player.
Miked- Since you've used and mention a changer as a candidate, you should consider the CAL CL-10. Should be available used for $6-700, former stereophile Class B and sounds nice with by BAT/McCormack/Vandersteen set up.
For me, I like older tech but better build something like Theta tranport/dac or one box, a good transport (single)+ bel canto dac or Wadia. You can buy the Sony DVP9000ES for around $1100 which I auditioned last week I would say not so impress I prefered sound of the new Rega over DVP9000ES.
Rutel: I would be very interested if you could elaborate a bit more on the new Planet 2000 and how it sounded compared to the Sony, thanks.
I like the SACD players, Sony SCD-1, Marantz. Try some older Theta(dac,transport. Or buy a great digital dac, with upgrade options, cal audio, meridian, wadia.
Miked, I've found P2000 more, contrast, air, open, transparent, and "full bodied", a good analog section. DVP9000ES is "lean" (ner) I'm not saying it's bad player may be it does many things all in one box so maybe it can't delivered all the best. that's just my opinion. Hopefully you'll find the match. Regards, Rute. P.S. What's a nice Amp you have!
what preamp are ya currently using? perhaps a comparable investment in a better preamp will yield better sound than the upgraded cd-player. then, in less than a year, there will perhaps be a multi-format player at a good price on the market...
I've seen numerous posts from owners of Sony SACD players, that sonics keep improving significantly as the units burn in.
I owned Sony 777ES, sold it and purchased 9000ES. Cowman is right you need 200 hours for 9000Es and 400 hours for 777ES for sonics to develop. Sony 9000ES is much better sonically then Sony Dc-1 and 7777ES despite the price differential. It is certainly is not lean, its midrange is very similar to the best tube sound (i.e. not euphonic and overly sweet, but natural with rich harmonic texture as most acoustic musical instrument have). It is increadibly good CD player for $1,075. Its medium resolution due to the junky analog stage, which can be modified or interconnect/speaker cables upgraded. With SACD you will have entirely different experience. SACD sound better then vinil or DVD-Audio, second only to live concert. Of course, its tremendous dynamic range must be supported by amplification and you have excellent amp. I can't talk about SACD sound you have to hear it to believe it. next, it has DVD with progressive scan. Its good insurance for re-selling it plus you can listen to 24/96 type CDs. If you can afforn around $4k then Maranz SACD Player is, obvious choice. I "love" 9000ES for its pluses and send it to Stan Warren of Supermode to re-arrange analog stage to take care of its minuses. The most important thing about 9000ES that its timbrally correct and has very good (fantastic in SACD mode) dynamic range and resolution, transperency will be improved by better quality passive parts. Sony 9000ES is no brainer. There are about 200 SACD titles, wait is over. If someone waiting for the winning format my prediction is MP3
Simontju: Thanks for the detailed response, just to confirm, you find the 9000ES better for redbook CDs than the 777ES. By the way, I am located in Canada, the suggested retail in our Canuck buck is 2499 for the 9000ES. I am pretty sure Oade ships to Canada, is that where the 1075 USD price is?? Any Canucks have any better options??
To Miked: Yes, you understoon me correctly but narrowly. It is my fault I write with long sentences and meaning sometimes is deluted. Sony 9000ES is, on my personal opinion, one of the best CD players around. While, it may not be hi-fi spectacular (detail, imaging, sounstage) its timbrally very accurate and it has very good dynamic range, which for me are the most important criteria to represent live music (In concert, I ain't hear no imaging and soundstage, but of course "lotsa" details. I am lucky to live in Philadelpia with fantastic acoustic of the Academy of Music). I believe, that its resolution can be improved by mod or better wiring (the later is to stay for the next generation of digial front end). For me, personaly again, the SACD sound is by far the biggest advantage of this device. Next, call Oade brothers. Canada, (where I lived 7 years) has a site "" where CD are very cheap and SACD cost $18USD wheras here their cost is much higher. If you hace questions I would be delighted to answer (subjectively!) e-mail to