Help with New Setup (Prima DL premium, naim uniti nova, micromega m100)

Hello guys, i am looking for a new amplifier and i'm in need of some guidance, basically here is my setup and requirements, I have a small living room (17m2) and altough i know it's not really suited for this size but i have the monitor audio silver 10 which makes the bass a little overpowered sometimes. I have the Hegel H160 and i do not really like the match, the sound is too cold and clinical for me, and i like a warm punchy sound. I also have a pioneer N70AE which i use as a streamer/dac. 
So basically current setup:
Monitor Audio Silver 10 (change later)
Hegel H160 (Change now)
Pioneer N70AE

My intention is to change the speakers and amplifier but as for the time being i am only looking to change the amplifier and then in the future change the speakers, considering this i am looking for a amplifier for the present and for the future speakers, from what i've read i am torn between 3 options:
Primaluna Dialogue Premium or Premium HP (is the premium enough to drive the silver 10 or do i need the premium hp?
Naim Uniti Nova
Micromega M100

I mostly listen to rock, metal and post hardcore music and i'm looking for a warm but punchy sound.  I'm from Europe and my budget is 5K euros for the amplifier.  I am also open to another options. 

Thanks in advance.
First how big is your room?17m x 17m is HUGE!My room is 14'x16'(about 4m. x 5m)....Is the room acoustically treated at first reflection points and for echo?Is the room "bright",ie:lots of hard reflective surfaces like glass,stone,hardwood floors & bare sheetrock?
 Second I suspect that the Hegel is pure & uncolored and you are hearing the Monitor Audio's Ceramic coated aluminum drivers for what they are,slightly cold & clinical....
 Before replacing gear try sorting out room acoustics & try some Cardas cables which are known to be very smooth & slightly warm....
 As for amps in Solid State that have a warm voice try Simaudio or Electrocompaniet...
Hello it's the complete opposite, it is small, 6m x 3m more or less.  The room is not tread and as for reflective surfaces the room has 3 big windows and has hardwood floors, altough there is a carpet in between the speakers and the sofa. 
Ok I miss read room size as 17m squared...
Room size is close to mine...IMO your gear is borderline clinical when combined...I suspect if you have thin drapes or exposed windows when listening that isn’t helping the presentation.....You need heavy drapes over those windows when listening & you need the first reflection points on the sides of the speakers treated..Even with these mods i doubt you will ever achieve warmth in that system...
I would first treat the room & see where that gets you..If not happy you could either:keep Hegel & try something like the new Sonus Faber Sonetto or Harbeth(my choice of direction)..The Harbeth M30.2/M30.1's would work really well in that size room & probably take you as far as Solid State power can take you with that Hegel... or
Keep Monitor Audio’s & try a new amp like a Simaudio,Electrocompaniet or a good Tube Integrated like the PrimaLuna or Rogue Audio....Good luck..
I have a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP driving Fritz Carreras that fill a similar size room nicely. I love the setup, and I think the amp goes nicely with the Harbeth’s also. I am very pleased with the integrated amp.
Room  setup/treatment and speaker placement are what I would focus on. Much more be benefit than cable madness.

I have the PL HP. The Dialogue will drive your speakers without issues.
I have recently acquired Micromega M100 to drive my Martin Logan Clarity, all I can say is you should really give a listen if there is dealer close to you. Electrostatic panels can be difficult to drive which sometimes can dip below 2ohm, M100 handled it without breaking a sweat. Furthermore, the sound is just much more open and refined compared to my older Primare I-30/Schiit DAC combo. And if you have difficult room, MARS room correction can do wonder to fine tune your room.