Hendrix : Freedom/ATL pop festival

As many know, live Jimi is a mixed bag. At times unfocused, uninterested, sloppy, and just plain "out there", his live catalog has been the source of discussions for many years. We now can add Freedom to the conversation. A long overdue remastered version of his infamous 1970 concert, this recording probably doesn't do anything to change the reputation of Jimi as a performer. That being said, this recording does have its merits. For one the sound is quite good considering this was recorded 4O odd years ago. As with most late Hendrix live albums, it takes awhile for Jimi to gain his bearings. But when he does, buckle up. " Hear my Train a coming" has a great guitar tone, and the fluid phrasing of his solid are breathtaking. This by far the highlight IMHO. A couple of inspired versions of "Foxey Lady" and "Purple Haze" bring the show home. Stronger IMHO than some more well known shows (Woodstock, Isle) and with quality sound, Freedom is an intriguing addition to the somewhat bloated Hendrix canon. Is it essential? That's up to the listener. I think it's solid.
Phasecorrect - Thanks for taking the time to write this. Appreciate your observations and comparisons.
Agreed. The promoter sat on this film stock and audio for almost 4 decades. I like that the Hendrix estate is negotiating to locate and license this music. There is always electrifying
I just grabbed Miami Pop at Sonic Boom in Toronto. It didn't grab me on the first listen, but I'm gonna give it another spin soon. The recording was certainly not great. Yesterday gave a listen to an early Brown label Electric Ladyland. Wow, had forgotten just how good this LP is. Side D has to be one of the strongest LP sides ever.
This release definitely has a better soundstaging and dynamics than my bootleg CD. The guitar and vocals are just off of left center the clarity is what is amazing for a 45 year old recording. The first live Jimi recording that I can hear Billy Cox's bass and the kick drum from Mitch Mitchell. Long time Hendrix fan, met his Dad, brother Leon, Eddie Kramer all on the same day! Wanted to see him at the LA Forum on 25 April 1970 when I was 12 years old! My Dad wanted to go to Hollywood park racetrack next door.
Statman, I saw Jimi the next day (April 26th, 1970) in Sacramento! I was 14 and in the presence of the Guitar God.

The Atlanta Pop Festival was overall not one of Jimi's more inspired shows (he played way better in Sacramento...), but it has its moments, such as the solo in "Spanish Castle Magic." Even mediocre Jimi is still pretty good!
I saw Hendrix twice, in '67 and '68. In '67 he was new out-of-the-gate, playing the "Are You Experienced" material, and real good. The following year I saw him at Winterland, and he seemed bored, just going through the motions. My taste changed dramatically in '69, and I completely lost interest in him.
Thanks! for the review. JH was a mess at times, this is reflected in his performances "live".