HH Scott 350 A Tuner Repair

Hi Again!
I found a local technician who is very good ( he replaced the right side of my ASR amplifier when I blew an electro-litic capacitor ) and he said that he's most sure that he can fix my Scott 350 A tuner. As mentioned in a previous post, my Multiplex in stereo is creating a high pitched ringing noise. I want to mention however that he's never worked on a Scott Tuner. So what I'm wondering, is if anyone has any suggestions for me to pass along to the tech? I did print up the 350 schematic but I'm not sure if it matches exactly with the 350 A. Anyway, please feel free to chime in as I always learn something whenever I post here.

He'll probably already know this but he'll need a muliplex generator and a tube tester. Replacement of the filter capacitors is a very good idea.

Some of the older mulitplex circuits could make a whine or whistle if they were not properly aligned. I don't recall if the Scotts did this; my recollection is that they were pretty solid performers. So I'm thinking this might be a tube issue. At any rate a complete alignment is a good idea as with most vintage tuners its probably not been done in decades. 

Scott 350 tuner service and calibration manuals are accessible online and available. Good techie will have no problem to surf through and re-calibrate/service tuner.

I've decided to use a different tech than originally planned. Someone more capable of working on tuners whom I shall not mention but a venerated member of this online community. Thanks!