Hi-fi installation in a cave?

Ever been inside a cave and all the different sounds you here. It's a wonderful place with all the echoes and large caverns.

Would it be cool too install a stereo inside one of these caverns?

Having your system in a larger room with higher ceilings is wonderful but most are limited.  Presently considering a move of my system into a larger space. So many benefits that I hope for.


"In the Garden of Eden" - baby!

I heard the one @ Scotty's Castle when I was a kid, but this thing looks amazing.



Because the brightest people on this forum read stuff from this area. And they offer the best value when they respond.


I wonder if you called GIK Acoustics, would they come out and give you a setup blueprint?

@dekay ,

Good one!

I was trying to figure out an acronym for stalactite, but I got a headache...

Balanced Audio Technology for the electronics, but what cables and speakers?