Hifi Man Sundaras!

If you are into treble and can do open back, I highly recommend the Sundaras.  I just picked up a pair and am loving them.  Just wow!  For the $, well worth it.  They’re making me strongly consider some magnepans.  Does anyone have sundaras and magnepan lrs by any chance?  
Anyhow, just great little cans for not much $!
The Sundaras are the ones that Hifiman replaced the HE560s with which were also a very good sounding headphone but had some build quality issues, if they are anything like them, they are a steal for under 5. Enjoy the music
Just wanted to add that they take eq like a champ and has some of the best bass slam too.
I actually went to the Sundara from the HE560’s and man what a difference.  The HE560 seemed somewhat veiled to me but had very good bass.  The Sundara are far more detailed and nuanced while not having quite the bass performance.  With that said I actually like the bass from the Sundara better.  The bass isn’t overstated but substantial.  Also the Sundara is much easier to drive.  From my Schiit Magni Heresy to my dragonfly black they just perform.  But boy do I hate the Sundara cables!
Sundaras are like the benchmark under $500. Transient response and bass are the highlights. They also take eq like a champ.
Sundara is THE under $750.00 benchmark.I've owned Audeze LCD-2C & LCD-2F,Sennheiser HD800S & started with the original budget king the HE400i..You honestly can't do better until hitting $750.00+ & then you better have the front end to drive them..