Hifi Rose 150B vs. Auralic Altair G2.1

Hello All, I am considering one or the other, as I'm interested in an All-in-one file player/streamer with its own DAC. They're both about the same money $5-6K and have been around long enough to hopefully garner some opinions.


I use two Altair G1 and G1.1 in a weekend home wirelessly.  .Tthey are stable, rock solid and sound great for the money.

I’ve not owned either but I did have a HiFi Rose 250b.  I really liked the way it sounded but the interface was a bit cumbersome, at least coming from a MacBook Pro streaming from Tidal and Qobuz.  I returned it after about a week when it started playing songs at the wrong bit rate from Tidal which made everything sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks.  I could have lived with the interface but not the bit rate issue.  I’m sure it’s not indicative of the overall quality, I just happened to get a glitchy one.  Anyway, if not for that issue I’d certainly have kept it, I’m sure the 150b is even better.  If it were me and my money though I think I would try the Auralic.  Any reason that you aren’t looking at Aurender, Innuos or Lumin?  Those are the names that seem to garner the most attention here.

I'm open to any all-in-one player/DAC, I just didn't want to overwhelm my post with 50 different recommendations. That's not to say I'm not interested in Aurrender and the others, I just figured the Aurrender would be too much money.

I did a similar comparison with the 150B and the Aries G1 (search my name to read if you like). Sonically they are pretty close, IMO, and I kept my Aries simply due to the Rose not being $3k better and it also has a ton of features that I'll never use. 

So, in short, my choice between your two options would be the Altair if you like simplicity or if you're looking for a lot of bells n whistles the 150b, sonically they're very close. 

OK, full disclosure. I currently have an Auralic Aeries G1 going to an Okto DAC8. My interest was to get a one box upgrade. Having read sunshdw post above I have decided not to pursue the Rose 150b. I was totally enamored with the giant screen and the use of the meters option. So much so that I was considering the swap. Well logic has beaten down my emotions, and if there is no better sound, then putting in an additional $3K for CGI meters is not worth it. I will wait and investigate a lot more.

I had a  Auralic Altair G1 and upgraded to the G2.1  it was well worth it.  Amazing ! 

no regrets