High end AC plugs/receptacles...

Just want to get a feel for what the community here thinks about AC plugs/receptacles such as those from Oyaide, Furutech, Isoclean and Shunyata.

Are they worth it?

Thanks in advance.
I have Oyaide R-1's and the WPC-Z cover. I think the cover is as or more important than the outlet. Never did I hear more difference than putting in the wall outlet and cover. When I added more R-1's downstream even w/ Oyaides outlet strip MT_UB
the change was nowhere near as audible and dramatic.

if you can hear the difference, it is worth the price. i suggest having two power cords configured with two different plugs and iecs. you will then be able to answer the question for yourself what differences are or are not audible, with respect to connectors.

do not elicit opinions. do your own research.
Albert Porter sells cryoed outlets that are a major improvement over the home-standard variety; and they are moderately priced.
As to covers, I Home Depot's reasonably-priced solid brass outlet plates make a noticeable improvement in sound although I don't know why they work.
Jgiacalo, I started that thread moons ago about brass covers that got a bit heated! They do work. I have done some nice diy outlets covers that are sweet.