High End Audio Market Oppertunities

Hi all,

My name is Alec Lane, I have a company which is proposing to design and manufacture high end home audio products. We are currently developing our first product and would like to get a idea from the audio community if there is a particular opportunity in the market.

How would you describe your perfect audio product?

What would you like to see that is not currently available?

Help would be gratefully appreciated.

go back to 50's...60's and compare what we have current and what we don't.
combine both and bring the product.
develop versatility of product:
gain/sensitivity adjustability, preamp signal output in poweramps for bi-amping; balanced circuit; don't be ashamed of offering tone controls -- you'll get interest from non-audiophiles and non-purists as well.
fully adjustable phonostages(like violectric by lake people); multi-input/output DACs.
vintage industrial looks on home equipment is very cool too. vintage shaped knobs(crown, shoe, arrow and simple cylinder hat) on blue metalic chassis
Not sure what this is about. I'll say for fun that I am interested in hard drive music. I do not like fiddling with computers an do not want to use a lot of rack space. Something like a Sony HAP-Z1ES with a CD slot with auto ripping plus digital out would be awesome, or like an NAD M50 and M52 in one chassis.
"Something like a Sony HAP-Z1ES with a CD slot with auto ripping plus digital out would be awesome, or like an NAD M50 and M52 in one chassis."

I agree with ( Ohlala ) & ( Mofimadness ) Making something like the
Sony HAP-Z1ES with a CD slot with auto ripping plus digital out
This way we can get all of our CD's and rip them right in but instead of a HDD hard drive put in a solid state drive and do it right the first time. The problem with the Sony is it doesn't a CD tray to take the CD's right in.
Sure beats some venture capitalists paying for an app that just says "Yo."
And please, oh please, provide the option of some nice wood cabinets like *every* piece used to offer. Think walnut, oak, rosewood, and black ash. This will truly set your products apart from every other mfgr. out there...

I've been doing a lot of doodling with computer audio related things of late and have some good ideas to share.

Will I be getting royalty checks if I do? :^)
I would love to have one box for streaming to do the following
- USB and spdif and optical outputs for connection to a DAC
- HDMI outputs (more for driving a monitor than audio)
- hard wire and wireless LAN connectivity for downloading and streaming internet content
- remote control program to work on a tablet/phone
- an interface with the flexibility of iTunes both on screen and tablet
- Bluetooth mouse and keyboard control
- support for dual hard drives in mirrored raid config - hot swapable
- USB and FireWire inputs for connecting external hard drives
- playback of raw digital files - no modifying the digital content
- CD/SACD playback capability
- real time conversion of DSD files and DSD output for DAC's that support it

I currently have most of the above features, but it takes the following to provide it...
- iMac computer with iTunes (no FireWire)
>>> with Audirvana software
>>> external DVD drive (no SACD support)
- NAS drive - not hot swapable
- Retune software on my tablet

by Christmas please

MSRP $1000 :-)

thanks in advance
expanding on the responses above, i'm not sure that a genuinely all-inclusive product exists--i.e. one box which plays/rips cds, has hd storage, does wireless streaming/bluetooth and is an integrated amp. properly priced and designed, such an animal might have a lot of appeal.
An amplifier that has a Tube input stage and the option to choose tube or SS output all in the same amp. It's a tube amp and a hybrid SS amp! Choose which output you want depending on mood, speakers, power requirements, music type, etc...
Okay, how 'bout some really nice active monitors that can fill (at least) a mid sized room? If everything is going the streaming route then all one needs is the streaming device which should have volume built in (and it should have outs for a sub signal).

Simplifed but not more than needed.

All the best,
Just an FYI ... After reading the previous post by Loomisjohnson, I happened to stumble across this ... Some Korean company I'd never heard of, Cocktail Audio, has a new product intended to address the market for the all inclusive single box.

Michael Lavorgna just reviewed it on AudioStream:
Cocktail Audio X30 Review